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  1. anyone have a cannon telescopic boom for the older cannons,(big Body, think its a mag10) laying around or on a older extra rigger? i have a small boom and need to get out past the boat more! so before i buy a new one ill ask you guys! and i also have a 2 piece boom 2 small booms put together! but it still dont get out enough! thx
  2. was late for work so didnt get to look down the list for any! just wanted to get out there i was looking for one! good looking out though!
  3. looking for a mag 10 hs with auto stop .pos ion, extendable arm! or a 20! in good working order! thx
  4. guess ill have to start searching when i go up there! thx
  5. today is the first day i actually saw lines to get your fish cleaned! first line was at pineville and the other line was at port ontario on the corner! plus my buddies kid and friends went to the tressel, and caught fish and had a fun day! so i have to say this is the first decent day that i know of! good luck all!
  6. anyone know a good place to get a drop down curtain made? mexico or oswego area! thx
  7. thx for all your help guys bought a 26 thompson! couldnt afford the penn yan!
  8. marina is bringing it to where i need it, for me! thx guys
  9. does anybody rent boat trailers for a 26 foot thompson? or have one that is sitting around that there boat is in a slip, and want to make some cash letting me borrow it to get a boat? if anyone is let me know! looking to buy a boat but there is no trailer with it! thx to get it home or a marina!
  10. one guy told me the 24foot 8 1/2 beam thompsons are tippy! is the 26 foot 10 foot beam thompson more stable in the water because its wider than the 24 81/2 beam? do the thompsons push thru the water instead of gliding on it? i hear a bunch of things about the boats but i really like them! they seem alot deeper then the sportcrafts! any input from the guys that own or have fished them is greatly appreciated! i own a 1997 fisher spectrum SD 19 foot alum.now! 4.3 mercruiser i/o!boat is great but in the big waves its nutzzz! need more room for sure!
  11. was gonna upgrade from a 19 fisher proavenger SD I/O to a 24 or 25 boat! 2 boats caught my eye!! but was wondering one thing! the sportcraft seems to be lower in the water meaning your rails are about to your theigh! where in the thompson the rails r to your waist!! does this mean anything like better in the waves or no? seems the thompson would be more stable in high waves! any input would be greatly appreciated before i buy one! thank you
  12. thought last year i saw them in the overtons book! but they were sold out! now i dont see them anywhere! anyone have a good place that makes them tops?
  13. need a top just like this--> http://watertown.cra...4401454917.html
  14. where is the best place to buy these reels?
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