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  1. Neo here you go. You can also use the Swimming Flukes in pearl white. I also use white and bubblegum SuperFlukes Texas-Rigged on a 4/0 EWG Worm hook and kill Smallmouth Bass with em on any body of water.
  2. I took my son for a jigging trip to Keuka on 9/02. We marked a lot of bait by the Bluff, but no takers. I got more aggressive with my retrieve and landed a decent Laker in the pic below. Decent for Keuka. We moved south towards Hammondsport and each landed a few shorts. Most were caught on white Zooms.
  3. Launch at Meyers around 10 and Headed north to AES. It was a little choppy and headed south into the wind. Found a lot of bait and lookers, but no takers until my son landed a small laker an hour later. Wind died down, headed over to the west side of AES. Water was calm around noon and I lost a couple before landing a 4lbs laker in 120 FOW off the bottom. About 2PM, we went on the east side just north of Meyers. We found a lot of bait down about 90ft in 130 FOW. We had some hits and each landed small one before leaving around 3PM. I used white Zooms on a Kalins 1 oz jig head. need to get some of Hermit's jig heads, but have a lot of Kalins to use up after fishing saltwater on vacation. Great day to be on the water.
  4. I drive 81 to work every day and in the Spring have seen some very large coyotes along the roadside. Nothing close to 80 pounds, but easily in the 60's.
  5. Thanks for the update. Heading up there in a few weeks and was worried they would never get this done.
  6. Nice. It will be adicting trying to get that 30 lb Striper. I use to run a charter out of Cape May and the Spring had the most consistent action in the Delaware Bay. Jigging for them is a lot of fun. Sometime you should try Surf Fishing for bass. I constantly out produce from the shore what I used to catch from my boat. This is my favorite way to fish and the run they give you from shore is unsurpassed. Enjoy your new addiction
  7. Thanks for your replies, will use the Trophy.
  8. Just curious how the water levels are now on Cayuga with the recent rain. My brother wants to use his 22ft Trophy for the tournament and wasn't sure if Meyers was back to normal yet or at least passable to deeper water. I guess we can take my smaller boat. Also for future reference, are guys still digging up mud in the Inlet at Treman.
  9. I have been fishing out of a kayak for the last 20 years, mostly in saltwater, but I use it a lot on local rivers and lakes. I think a SOT works a lot better for fishing because you have more accessible storage. I own an Ocean Kayak and it is a beast. Very stable and I can bring lots of gear. Here is the most important accessory you can add to a kayak. Go to Staples and buy one of their milk crates, add some 1.5 inch pvc tube for rod holders and attach them with heavy duty plastic ties. I strap it down to the kaya with bungee cords. I carry 4 to 5 rods with me. Make sure you tie down everything because you will knock it in the water. Here is what mine looks like rigged out. I also own a Hobie kayak with a Mirage Drive that is one of the best kayaks if you can afford it. You can cover a lot of ground with one of these. As you can see in the picture below I also have it rigged with a milk crate. I am getting a little old for this one so my son uses this one more now.
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