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  1. I used the launch at Emerson Park on Saturday. A portion of the dock is still in at South Shore but the water is real low. The water is also low at Emerson but it was good enough to make it out. There were a lot more bigger trailers in the parking lot of Emerson than South Shore if that helps.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I will be digging out my center punch this weekend to replace these drain screws. Since the replacement screws are cheap I might as well just put new ones in each year instead of dealing with every couple of years.
  3. I am looking at renting a cottage on Owasco Lake next summer for 2 weeks. I have fished this lake a lot, but just trailer my boat here. My question is about getting non-ethonol gas at one of the marinas on the lake. I got a bad tank of gas a few years ago on a different lake and is a concern of mine now. Can you PM your experiences with getting gas at South Shore Marina or one of the other marinas so this doesn’t turn into a marina bashing thread. Thanks.
  4. I have a Mercury 6HP 4stroke kicker motor that have stripped lower unit gear oil flat head drain screws. The top drain screw is the problem one because it is recessed, otherwise I could use a pair of vise grips to get it out. Any tool suggestions to get these drain plugs out. I used a grinder on a large screw diver but it is too large to fit in the slot now.
  5. Just started trolling this year. On my 10 color lead core rods we are having a hard time knowing when a laker is on. Yesterday on Owasco we had about dozen lakers hit that gave no indication on the rod tip they were on. I have Okuma Convector 55 reels, Okuma Classic Pro Glt leadcore 8'6" rods, and Cortland lead core line. We just kept checking the line frequently. Is this just the nature of using 10 colors or the rod setup I using?
  6. Thanks for the flea update on Keuka. I will on vacation there for 2 weeks starting 7/18 and may have to pack my jigging gear just in case. It's my least favorite way to fish but better than cleaning fleas off the downriggers and trolling lines.
  7. Trolled both the east and west side today. Marked a lot of fish but no takers. Weeds were not too bad but the fleas were really bad on both sides. Got spoiled by the last couple of months.
  8. Thanks for the update Mark. Looks like I am calling in sick tomorrow.
  9. Taking the day off Friday and was thinking of heading to Owasco and launch at South Shore Marina. Anybody know if the boat launch is flooded and if there is a lot of debris on the lake.
  10. This is my first year trolling. On two separate trips this year I have caught a Laker at or near the surface with a Great Lakes 44 spoon. About 2 weeks ago at Owasco, I was letting out about a 1 and 1/2 colors when a I hooked a nice sized Laker. Then Wednesday near Dean's Cove on Cayuga, I had several hits on a spoon when I was letting line out before attaching it to my downrigger. I finally hooked up with one just as I was about ready to attach my line to the release. So is trolling spoons on the surface a technique to use this time of the year or is this just the action of the Great Lakes 44 spoon?
  11. I have 2 groups of boat towable tubes for sale. I just don't use these since I bought a new fishing boat. Group #1 - I have 2 boat tubes for sale, both for $65. The first tube is an Obrien 1 person Screamer 60 inch tube. I only used this tube for one season. This tube has a carry bag. The second tube is an Airhead Blast tube. This tube has a very slow leak,but I only had to add a little air at the end of the day. Both tubes have a 60 foot Overton's tow rope. I will also include 3 extra Boston valves. Group #2 - Selling a used Airhead Viper 1 towable tube for $65.00. Includes a 60 foot Overton's tow rope, carrying bag, and 3 extra Boston valves. This is a great towable boat tube for children because it is impossible to flip over. I will take $100 for all 3 tubes. I would prefer to sell these local (Binghamton, NY) and would drive a reasonable distance to meet someone.
  12. We fished most of the day Wednesday 6/10 out of Dean's Cove. We went 4 for 5 on Lakers and got a few Bows. Most were in les than 50 FOW. Hot spoon was a Great Lakes 44. There were spots of muddy water and a lot of twigs that kept getting wrapped in our lines. It will be a minefield today after last night's rain, but fish are still in shallower water.
  13. Thanks for the tip on photographing out of season fish. I guess I need to update my Facebook page now.
  14. Finally got my boat rigged for trolling and hit Owasco today. First time trolling freshwater and have a lot to learn. We switched out to Great Lake Lures 44 spoons and landed three quality lakers. 2 were on downriggers down about 100 feet and the other one on 5 colors of lead core. Also got a nice smallmouth on the north end
  15. I have not seen anything posted online with the local news agencies or on the Sheriff's homepage. It doesn't mean it is not effect, but last year in May, it was posted on the local news agencies. I would call the Yates County Sheriff just to confirm.
  16. My friend has limited funds and wants to put 30lbs. test Cortland FleaFlicker line on his Daiwa 27H to use on his downriggers. The 27h reels have test pound limit of 20. I am asking here because I don't anything about Daiwa reels. He is doing this to avoid fleas. Any problems with exceeding this limit by 10 pounds.
  17. I have a Shappell Wide House 5500 that I got a few moths ago for $160.00. PM me for the name of the retailer. It is not insulated but has a thicker shell than most other brands. Goes up easy and also has windows. It is tight with me and my teenage boys in there so you may have to consider the 6500 Wide House. For the price I don't think you can beat this portable shelter.
  18. My teenage son as long as I feed him every hour. So far haven't brought my gas auger the last two years.
  19. I have Kahtoola micro spikes and they work great. They dig in when you are trying to pull a sled and grip almost too well. My son has a pair of the Stabilicer Maxx cleats and they work well too. The biggest problem I had choosing cleats was that I have a pair of size 11 Baffin Titans and the Stabilicers would not fit them. The Stabilicers go on easy for my son but I have to take my boot off to get the Kahtoolas on and they are an XL. Inever had the guts to put screws in my boots yet.
  20. Thanks TileMan Dan and Thun. I will have to figure out how the padded sections are attached and gain access that way. As many times as I looked at my side walls, I never considered doing that. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to point out the obvious.
  21. My original plan was to use Bert's tracks on each side. If moving my downrigger forward a few feet is not going to cause any problems, then I might as well go with the Cannon UniTroll 10 and mount this to the Bert's track. If anybody else wants to give me their pros and cons of moving the downrigger forward a few feet instead of mounting it at the stern/transom, I would appreciate it.
  22. I have attached two more boat pictures that show more of the boat to the original post. FLXTroutman, the link to the Starweld page is for the Pro model, my is the regular DC model. In that photo, the tracks would be mounted in the same spot as mine. The downrigger would be 3 feet back from the transom if I mount it here. I am just not sure I want my downrigger forward this much unless I get the Cannon Uni-Troll 10 as this telescopes to 53 inches. J.D., I may wind up cutting out some of the sidewall and installing an access cover as I see no other way to get a backing plate under the gunwale if I want it close to the transom. I will sacrifice some flotation foam to add downriggers. Sk8man, those holes are upholders, not rod holders. If I could install a secure rod holder in the gunwale, I would go this route.I will have to look at some flush mount rod holders and see if that is easier than cutting up the sidewalls. Thanks so far for all of your suggestions.
  23. Insufishent, the access cover is misleading as the hole it covers is only about 2 inches in diameter and is to just access the boat's wiring.
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