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  1. I will be using Cowbells and Spin n Glows/Peanuts for the first time this year. Mostly fish Cayuga and Owasco. Just wondering if this is strictly a bottom technique in the Finger Lakes or if you can use cowbells at different depths.
  2. Was thinking of hitting Owasco this weekend, how is the water level at the launch at South Shore Marina?
  3. So we sucked it up and lifted it off. Not as bad a job as I thought.
  4. This seems like a stupid question, but I agreed to help my brother replace the transom in his aluminum boat. My question is how to remove the outboard from the transom to a stand. The outboard is a 2 stroke 40HP Tohatsu, which doesn't weigh more than 150 lbs. I can't rent an engine hoist in my area, so it is not worth buying one. Should I use a chain hoist attached to the garage rafters or does someone have another option. Also, the Tohatsu doesn't have a lift ring. Can I just put a few straps around the outboard or do I need to attach something to the motor to lift it out.
  5. Posting this for my buddy. He is looking to buy a 2000 or 01 Sylvan Navigator 1700 with a 2-Stroke Merc 115. He is concerned the boat won't get down to trolling speeds, say between 1.8 to 2.2, without using a trolling bag. It mostly would be used on the Finger Lakes. The dry weight of this boat is 1240 lbs. Anybody have this boat or similar style boat and use it to troll.
  6. We mostly trolled the west side around T Falls north and pick up a few shorts. Lot of small weeds in the water column after the Boy Scouts camp. Should have hit the eat side.
  7. MeatHunter, may see you on water around 9:30. Taking my buddy's boat, a piece of crap green boat with 2 guys in it around T-Falls. Taking his boat cuz I need to fix my trailer wiring harness.
  8. Thinking of hitting southern Cayuga on Saturday just to get the boat out. Anyone know how the conditions and water levels at either Meyers or Taughannock Falls launches. Hoping they got the debris cleaned up at Meyers. Fishing out of an 18 foot boat. Thanks in advance. Would love the mods to pin a Launch Thread, possibly by the season, to save people posting a lot of threads on launches, especially if we start getting heavy rain in the next few months.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure who is responsible for removal,but I will try to contact the Town of Lansing and the Marina next to the park to see if they know who can remove it.
  10. Quick update, Traxstech is sending me a new replacement rod holder. Took awhile but they at least stand behind their product and honored their warranty.
  11. I bought a set of Traxstech Rod Holder with Teeth last year. Third time using them, the plastic button you push in to adjust it broke and went into the lake. I have called and emailed Traxstech several times looking for a replacement part but they never respond back. Anybody know of a place that sells replacement parts for Traxstech or suggestions on what I could use so it would still be adjustable. Attached a picture to show you which part I am missing.
  12. Bought these a couple of years ago and barely used these lures, most have never been used. The breakdown of this lot is below and includes the Plano storage box. If purchased new, these jigging lures would cost around $200. Asking $60.00 shipped or $50 local pickup near Binghamton. Can do PayPal. Want to sell as a complete lot. Heres the breakdown: Luhr Jensen Crippled Hearing (Have extra Treble hooks) 1-Rainbow Trout 1 ½ oz 2- Gold 1oz 2- Pearl 1oz 2 – Silver/Blue 2oz 2 – Pearl 2oz 2- Nickle/Blue 1oz 1- Nickle/Blue 1 ½ oz 2- Chrome 1 ½ oz 2- Chrome 2 oz 1 – Pink 1 ½ oz 1 – Red 1 ½ oz Cabelas RealImage Jig-N-Spoon 2- Mother of Pearl 1oz 2- Mother of Pearl 1 1/2oz 2- Nickle/Blue 1oz 1- Pink 1oz 1- Pink 1 1/2oz 1- Pink 2oz Kalin’s Buzz Bombs 2- Pearl 1 1/2oz 2- Chrome 1 1/2oz
  13. Decided to run Cowbells and Spin n Glo's this year. I only fish the Finger Lakes. What size and brand treble hook do you use with your Spin n Glo rigs?I did a search and could not find this posted.
  14. I have a 2014 Evinrude E-Tech 115 HP that I currently run XD50 on the TW3 setting. I used XD50 for the last two years because my dealer told me I needed to use it, but now have learned that I can run XD100 on the TW3 setting. My question for other E-Tech owners is do you notice a difference trolling with XD100 vs XD50, mostly with regards to exhaust odor plugs fouling up, or better performance.
  15. I will take 2 if still available. I can use PayPal if you PM me the details.
  16. Thanks for the update. Little bit pissed right now because I was having some issues with my E-Tec last Fall. I guess I will have to find another dealer. Forest Fisheries could never fix my gas tank issue on my Starweld. Ed talked me into buying the 1800 model because he said the E-Tec was better than the Merc and that he would always recommend that outboard over the Merc. Guess it was just a sales pitch. I will never buy anything from them again.
  17. Just asking but when did Forest Fisheries stop working on Evenrudes? Just bought a boat from there 2 years ago and will interested in this thread as I will need to find a new place to do warranty work.
  18. Not sure if he released it as someone send me a text with the pic.
  19. My buddy was up yesterday (1/24) and said there were a few spots with safe ice. Said everyone was grouped together in one spot. Most of the guys were closer to shore. The good news is there is ice, the bad news is there is more weak ice scattered in. Spud just to be safe and go where people have been. A guy got a 40 inch Tiger on Sunday.
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