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  1. I want to add manual downriggers (Cannon Uni-Troll 5 or 10) to my 2014 Starweld 1800, but I am having an issue with choosing a location because of the limited access to put a backing plate under the mount. I am hoping some of you can offer some advice on how to mount them. I have attached some pictures to show you my problem. Option 1 – In pictures 1 & 2, you can see there is no access to the gunwale until just after the cup holder. There is about 3 feet from this location to the transom, so I am not sure if mounting the downrigger here is too far forward, even if I get a telescoping boom on the downrigger. I would have to attach a backing plate here because the flat part of the gunwale is thin. Was not sure if I would have issues with my lines getting into the prop of my main outboard as that is what I will be using to troll. Option 2 – In pictures 1 & 2, the stern cleat is about 20 inches from the transom. I could run a board gunwale to gunwale and anchor this to the stern cleat with a u-bolt. Then I would attach the downrigger to this board. I may also be able to connect the board to the back pedestal seat with a little bit of rigging. The problem with this option is that I sometimes use the fold-up bench for my fishing buddies and the board would be in the way of the bench. To not use the bench would mean to purchase more pedestal seats, which makes the floor space tight. Option 3 - Picture 3 shows how my gunwale overlaps, so I could through bolt the mounting bracket to the gunwale. I could also use Eagle Feet mounts with a board closer back to the transom. As you can see, I don’t have a lot of mounting options that are ideal. If anybody has any other mounting ideas, let me know.
  2. I am posting this for my neighbor. He no longer is able to fish and is selling off his tackle. He sold two already, but has two Victola cooper trolling boxes left for sale. They are in excellent working condition. So if you ever wanted to "pull copper," here is your chance. Victrolas are $149.00 each. If you have any questions, you can call Gene at (607) 723-0300. He lives in Binghamton, NY.
  3. I have tried taking the vent cap off, but that doesn't help. I was at Keuka Lake last week and got gas at the Marina. I had to go slow but had no problem putting gas in. I am thinking that the convenience store pumps are too sensitive compared to the Marina pumps. So I may have to try a different gas station until I find one that is not as sensitive. I am going to have the dealer put in a new valve this week to see if this helps.
  4. Lively, I am up on Keuka for the week. I have been doing ok jigging in the early AM using the same set up of a jig head and white Zoom fluke. I have marked very few bait balls in the Bluff area and have had no luck jigging off the bottom. The last couple of days we have been jigging in 40 to 80 feet using the fish finder to mark our depth. I don't think the lakers are all that deep this year as in years past. I have also done better near shore near drop-offs and in shallower water than I would normally target. I think that with the winter we had, the cool Spring, and lack of a consistent weather pattern this summer have messed up all the Finger Lakes. You have to work for every fish this year and move away from what has always work in the past because I don't think this is a normal year.
  5. It is the new Morabito station where the Hess station used to be, across from Target.
  6. Was wondering if anyone has used the Meyers or Allen Treman launches on Cayuga in the last week or so. I was not sure if the high lake levels flooded these launches and made it hard to launch a boat. My dad has been itching to launch his 22' CC and Meyers is bad enough on a summer day. Did not want to make the trip with my or his boat to Cayuga if those launches are still bad. May just stay with Owasco.
  7. The ban continues through the weekend on Keuka. Below is from an article on the FL Times website:" "Last weekend, Spike said the sheriff’s office marine patrol removed five large dock sections from the lake, 13 trees ranging from six to 40 feet long, six tree stumps and a full floating dock. Many docks near the shore remain fully submerged and damaged by boat wakes. “This a life and property safety issue,†Spike said. “There is still a lot of floating debris out there.†A boater advisory remains in effect for Cayuga, Seneca, Canandaigua and Honeoye lakes, with speeds restricted to 5 mph. Parts or all of those lakes are overseen by the sheriff’s offices in Seneca, Ontario and Yates counties." First time I am hearing a 5 mph restriction on Cayuga. Glad I brought my kayak with me to the rental on Keuka this weekend
  8. Just an FYI for those of you thinking of heading to Keuka or have a cottage on the lake. Did not see this posted today. This comes from FingerLakes1.com as of today. As a part of the declared County State of Emergency the Sheriff is ordering in the interest of public safety no motorized boat traffic on Keuka Lake until the lakes height recedes more. Sheriff’s Marine Patrol will be enforcing the ban and violators may be charged with disorderly conduct. Public boat launching sites at Penn Yan, State Park and Branchport are requested to be closed to motorized vessel launches and marinas are also advised. Should there be an “exigent†circumstance requiring an exception consideration please call the Sheriff’s office at 315-536-4438. Here is a link to the story: http://www.fingerlakes1.com/addedstories/20140521095152.php
  9. Thanks, you saved me a wasted trip tomorrow.
  10. Was thinking of launching my new boat tomorrow at Allan Treman or Meyers, does anyone know if those launches are flooded or if the southern end of Cayuga has a lot of debris floating around? Called both places but could not get an answer.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. The flap that I am having a problem with opening is on the tube leading into the gas tank. In speaking with another member on here that has a Starweld, there is a switch that opens up his flap. So now I will have to hunt around tonight for a switch or lever for this flap. I do have a cap on the gas tank vent that is on the starboard side of the stern, so I will have to loosen the vent cap if this flap is based on pressure inside the tank. Out of all the boat problems that I have had over the years this might be the one that has irritated me the most. Especially since I can only get less than a dollar's worth of gas in at a time and the gas station pump times out, then my credit cards get flagged because of the charge and I have to spend time on the phone explaining this to someone who barely speaks English.
  12. Erabbit, That is what the dealer suggested and said it may have to vent for a while before filling it. Hoping this is all that it is. He thought maybe being empty built up a lot of pressure in the tank. My concern is that if this doesn't get better filling it up that is going to drive me crazy filling up at the marina when I am on vacation.
  13. I am going to try tonight again to see if this is a flap. I was afraid to force something down the tube unless there was a lever or switch I was missing. My dealer said this is a major pain for them. I may have to attach a hose to the gas station pump or use a funnel. Hope this gets easier over time but right now this is a major pain.
  14. I have a new 2014 Starweld 1800 DC and the inlet for the gas tank is located in the splashwell. When I tried to put gas in, it does not go down the tube that is connected to the tank. The gas fills up in the tube and the gas pump stops pumping because it thinks the tank is full. There is a white plastic flap or cover about half way down the gas tank tube. I am not sure how to open up this flap to let gas in. My dealer said it was the way that new tanks are designed for the EPA and to just keep trying to add gas and it will go in. He said it will be a pain the first few fill ups and they have had a lot of complaints about the new tanks for the last year or so. Wondering if any other Starcraft/Starweld or new boat owners have experienced this and have any advice. Cost me the weekend of fishing trying to get my tanked filled up. Damn EPA
  15. I sold everything from the boat I traded in, except the boat trailer tires. I am tired of setting up times for people to come so I will just give away these set of tires since everyone on here has been so helpful. I only used these tires one winter when I had boat in storage and they have about 20 miles on them. Paid about $80.00 each for the tire and rim. The tire size is H188 ST175/80D-13, load range C, on galvanized rims. The rims are 5 bolt on 4.5 bolt circle with 31/8 in center hole. The brand is LoadStar. The attached pictures have a screen shot of the website I bought them from. Send me a PM if you can use these. I can work out delivery or you can pick them up if you are close to Binghamton.
  16. Thank you for all your advice. Now I have a better idea of what I need to start out with.
  17. Traded in the family open bow for a 2014 Starweld 1800 with a 115 E-Tec over the weekend. Got a good price on the boat and for my trade so I pulled the trigger. I spent the last few years jigging for Lakers, but am ready to start trolling. I have a lot of experience trolling in saltwater, but not freshwater. I will need to learn what my trolling speed is with the big motor or if I will need to add a kicker or if the trolling motor is enough. But for next Spring, what is the easiest technique to start with - trolling with a planner boards or dipsy divers or a combination of both. I plan to start with 2 rods per side for now. Also, should I start with braid and deal with fleas or go with copper or does copper have too much of a learning curve for a newbie. Mostly fish Cayuga, Keuka, and Owasco. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  18. Looking at renting a cottage in August on Keuka, but have always used the State Park Launch. Has anybody used the municipal launch at Penn Yan and if the outlet is shallow in the summer. I have an 18ft boat with an outboard. From the satelite pictures it looks like a long ride out to the outlet. Or has anybody used Morgan Marine to launch their boat in the summer. Thanks.
  19. Thanks for the update. Was going to take my nieces and nephews tubing on Sunday and may wait now. Especially if the water at Treman and the Inlet is high. Hate going to Meyers on the weekend. If any one has any flooding or water conditions on Cayuga, I would appreciate the information.
  20. I got a few jigging on the East side as well. Hit some other spots on both sides but just a lot of lookers.
  21. Want to give Owasco a try. I see on the depth map that the southern end of Owasco is shallow. How is the launch at South Shore Marina and is it an easy to navigate your way up the lake from here. Will mostly be fishing the middle and northern end, but this would save me some commute time.
  22. Thanks for the update. Last summer was the lowest I had seen it in a long time. Never hit bottom, but held my breath each time I passed through there.
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