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  1. I fish with a guy who ties all his spoons directly to his main line... Just outta curiosity Is this a good practice or should you definitely run a swivel to prevent twisting of you main line. It seems to me like the action on you spoon would be better with a swivel. He said the reason why he does it is because there is less chance for failure without swivels beedchains and such.

  2. Lost 2 dipsys,spin doctors and flies saturday morning on seneca. The reason why i lost them is because the snap swivels I bought are junk!! My releases were not set to tight because I checked them before I sent them out. Does anyone know of good strong swivels that would work up on Ontario for dipsys and cheaters?

  3. I am from the south end of seneca lake and that is really all I have ever fished... I have a 24' Penn Yan contender. I like to think that I have some decent gear on there but you always find things that would be nice to have lol. I always find myself looking around and wanting to buy more gear. It does get expensive but I feel like before I invest alot more money into this I need to start having more production. I am really wanting to learn from someone who has fished ontario for a while and would be willing to take me out. I kinda feel bad for asking but its frustrating when you put in the time and don't really have the results. I know you don't learn this over night but I feel like I need to start somewhere. My cousin and I made a trip to Sodus friday and saturday. The conditions on friday morning were pretty hairy.. I would say 4 to six footers and we fished till about noon. Went out friday evening and did the same on saturday. I guess I'm really trying to figure out what the hell we were doing wrong. Just got a new Lowrance hds 7 fishfinder/ gps, seemed to be working pretty good. The only thing that I dont have set up yet is my sub troll which would have been nice to have on there.

    We fished with riggers stacked with cheaters on them, ran spoons, spin doctors, flies, and dipsies. I guess our biggest problem seemed like the under current pushing tword the north. Thast all I can figure. Had the dipsies back 300' with 30lb mono. we would set up everything looked good a few minutes later the port side dipsy would be on the starboard side. I may have a a little to do with turning a little sharp but we were really trying to keep the boat as straight as possible. The same thing was happening with the down rigger cables. I'm thinking it had alot to do with the currents down 80 to 100, am I right? And if so what can I do to fix this problem, should I be running copper off dipsies, or was I maybe going in the wrong direction with the under currents? If there was no action we would change colors, spoons, and everything we knew. Fished in shallow and went out to 450'. Any advice, pointers or someone who would like to take me out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Would someone please explain to me the proper way to double stack a downrigger. How far do you let your bottom line back behind the boat? how far to let your top back? How far to set them apart? And do you need to release your top rod if you have a fish on the bottom line. I have done some research but it seems like people do it a few different ways. I am looking for the proper and most efficient way to set them up that will prevent tangles. Also does the rod placement matter in the rod holders? I was running my riggers off the side of the boat with bottom rod twords the stern and top rod twords the bow.

  5. Gotta love the old school! I usually set my drag pretty loose so if something hits it you can real it in and usually find a nice suprise. The only thing with that is you have a weight and a floatation device so it not as fun as getting a fish on a rigger or dipsy. I just started using it and have been making out pretty good.

  6. Started off on the south end of seneca at about 6am and headed to the west side. I couldnt keep the fish off of the yellow and orange spoon I had in the tackle box... Started in close to shore in 40 to 50 ft of water and I was marking fish like crazy! That is the most fish I've seen on the graph since I bought my boat. I started with my riggers at 15 and 25 feet with the spin docs and atomic flies. Once I set them in the water I set the jug rig down with a few spoons and sent her way back behind the boat. As soon as I set that in the water it kept me pretty busy. I boated a 4lb laker, four small landlocks and a 4lb brown that im gonna throw on the grill tn. The biggest one of the day was probably a 6lb landlock down 20 foot on the jug rig.Oh and by the way that was cuttin from east to the west in about 70 feet. Unfortunately I got her right next to the boat, got the net and she went airborn and shook the hook! I was by myself but if I woulda hat a net man I probably would have been alright. Thats fishing I guess you cant catch em all. The good part was another one was on the bottom spoon at about 50 ft. Not much size to that one. Blue and silver and the yellow and orange seemed to be the colors for me today, all of which were on the smaller side. Thanks for the advice earlier in the week guys, I did a little experimenting and played with a few different things. Overall it was a pretty good day for me and hopefully next time will be the same. Keep the pointers coming I am definitely eager and anxious to try some new things. P.S: If anyone ever needs a fishing partner I would be happy to go out or even have a couple people come out on my boat. Would love to see in person some of the tricks of the trade.

  7. I have been spending alot of time out and seneca and it seems to be hit or miss for me. I have my days when I boat 10 or more fish, then the days when i don't get a damn thing... I have down riggers, dipsys, planer boards, spin doctors, flies, an assortment of spoons and just started using a jug rig. I experiment and try what I know but I would like some advice or tips so that I could be a little more consistent. I try different depths, speeds, areas and setups that I know. Thank you!

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