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  1. The only thing I can add is that the wire does not stretch at all so it adds action to the dipsy and obviously your bait presentation as your boat travels through the water. I know braid doesn't stretch that much either but the wire is a presentation that can't be replicated with any other type of line. There really isn't anything comparable to holding onto a 30# king ripping on a wire dipsy!

    :yes:  Well said Dj. Nothing like hearing a 20 plus pounder ripping wire!

  2. I'll send another note to Nozzolio as well. I sent him a long letter concerning the ridiculous SAFE act (eventhough he voted against it). I will definitely send one for this. If Lake Ontario was in Wyoming I would gladly move. NY is increasing in suckiness! Like the custom word?

    :yes:  Goodluck guys and thakns for the hard work.

  3. My 27 foot Baha Cruiser and my fishing charter business is named MADSIERRA after our 2 golden retrievers....Madison and Sierra. One of them turned 16 in january and the other one will be 14 in march. If the boat is on the water the two of them will be on the boat!...actually told a client to find another boat to fish on when he said he didn't like dogs and did not want them on the boat!



  4. Does anyone have any feedback or opinions on these? How would they holdup up with a mag dipsy and a 30ld king hammering img-rh03360.jpgit?                                                                                             

  5. Hey guys, just figured I would give this a try. Boy the winter seems to be dragging on... Been waiting to hit the lake again since the last time I was out in September! I have had my own boat now for about 3 years and I have a real passion for fishing. I am really trying to get my foot in the door with a charter boat so I can learn the trade better and eventually obtain my captains licence. I have a great work ethic and a strong willingness to learn. I would still consider myself a novice but everytime I go out I learn something new. If anyone knows of a captain who is looking for a person with good people skills, great work ethic, punctuality and who is passionate about fishing please extend my message or write me back. Thanks alot for reading and I'll seee you on the lake in the spring!

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