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  1. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water:7am to 2pm

    Weather/Temp:70ish top to bottom

    Wind Speed/Direction:calm

    Waves: <1

    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 1

    Total Boated1

    Species Breakdown:Brown

    Hot Lure: Green spoon

    Trolling Speed

    Down Speed:1.75-2.6

    Boat Depth: 40-220

    Lure Depth: 10-130


    SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Very slow day of fishing out of Oswego. Only boated one fish, a seven lb brown first thing in the am. Tried every setup the I had on the boat and couldnt manage to pick up anything else. Marked a few fish but they were very very spotty. I talked to a couple more guys and they werent having a good day either. I was just curious if there was a bad North blow within the last few days? Trying to figure out if it's something I did wrong or was it just the conditions?


  2. Also keep in mind you don't want to much going on with a smaller boat.Like most people on here say "less is more with salmon".I know for me its a full time job keeping the boat straight, especially with a motor you steer from the back. The dipsys seem to produce the most fish for me but it does depend on the day.If I were you,I would check into getting a wire dipsy setup and see how you like it. :yes:

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