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  1. SMC481

    Walleye in fingerlakes

    I've caught some nice walleyes in fall creek in the spring, but never in the lake. They were nice 7-8 pounders
  2. SMC481

    Navionics+ card on Humminbird Units

    funny enough I stumbled onto this post just now while looking to buy a navionic platinum card. my concern was that it would be compatible with my hummingbird unit, and if it would benefit me for trolling on the finger lakes possibly Ontario. This has been a helpful post and I think it sounds like a good piece of equipment
  3. SMC481

    Seneca sunday

    I thought I saw you guys heading in about 1130 or so. We stayed in the north end and only caught two small LL's
  4. SMC481

    Name Game

    strawberry bush
  5. SMC481

    Cayuga 8/9

    We did about the same from shelldrake to The station. On the west side fleas were not bad at all compared to 2 weeks ago
  6. SMC481

    Grease traps

    hills vallies and streams in Elmira had some but im not sure if they still do id call before I made a long drive
  7. SMC481

    Seneca 8/1 and 8/2

    nice report. don't worry about earlier this year I think most people were having a hard time putting fish in the boat
  8. SMC481

    Cayuga 7-30

    Nice report that's always a good spot in august till the end of summer. hey didn't u have that penn yann a while back? i used to fish with glen and steve.
  9. SMC481

    Seneca right now

    nice fish nick. we picked one up that just broke 7lbs on sunday. up north. always fun catching those big LL
  10. SMC481

    Diver down the chute

    I have a 22' trophy w/ corner riggers and run my dipseys off each side w/ the weights on a #2 setting then cores and copper on the boards. never tried anything down the chute
  11. SMC481

    Deans Cove 6/22

    thats good to hear. must be the water is isn't to the top of the doc like it was last monday
  12. SMC481

    deans cove closed

    crazy. we just fished there sun. am. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. SMC481

    plastic boxes for trout and salmon spoons

    I use the special mate boxes and they work great. they also make one for stick baits
  14. SMC481

    Sampson derby roll-call

    surprisingly I have not seen any smack talk this year. must be everybody's going to be nice.
  15. SMC481

    Sampson derby roll-call

    ill be in 78.