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  1. Your not kidding. 2-4 lb lake trout all day long over any rainbow
  2. Jimm I just read your other post about serial numbers so disregard the pm I sent you I'm guessing mine wouldnt work for you considering my bird barrel needed to be fit at factory
  3. Ya I hear what your saying but especially in the empire state theres no telling these days what you can and cant do. My guess would probably be any part that involved the firing pin. Not much people can do with just a barrel
  4. I've seen some of the nastiest entry holes ever on a deer with rage or other mechanical broadhead. When they deploy right they are the real deal. Only issue I've ever had with this stuff is there are so many other variables hunting why would you want to add another one to screw something up. I'm 40 now been using thunderhead 100 since I was 14 and have never not once had any kind of broadhead failure. Couple bad shots on my part but never the broadhead. If it ain't broke dont fix it
  5. Best tip for climbers I've ever read. I must always pick wrong side seems every time I'm at desired height the stand wants to rotate to other side of the tree. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Caught my first trout jigging back in '89 with my gramps and his fishing buddy don powers from Don's marina. Those older fellas knew how to get it done. Guess I'm still a little old school cause I still use depth finder my grandpa bought in mid 90's with technology now the new ones are incredible for sure but with jigging if you know depth and can keep it on the bottom(trolling motor or heavier jigs) and enough want to you'll fill ice box up pretty much whenever you go out. I'm never in a big hurry to get out at first light and always start shallow then work out deeper good luck and happy fishing
  7. Sounds like something my great great grandfather would say if he was still alive when I was born. The internet or world wide web as he probably would call it was considered the first "smart" phone so anytime you get on the computer I would be just as careful theres tin foil hatter conspiracy people everywhere these days. Just saying
  8. I spend quite a bit of time on cayuga and never had a problem. At least once a year I'll get checked but it's always been dec and they're always super cool so long as your behaving. Any time someone gets a bs ticket it's worth fighting in court that's what courts are there for that being said the last one I fought and judge threw out go figure they still tried making me pay the mandated surcharge which is almost always as much if not more than the ticket. I laughed and left and never heard another word about it but that part is a total money grab crazy amount of money state and local jurisdictions bring in and always seem to be out of funds
  9. Just picking buddy I'll be up in 3 weeks can't wait to get back on water for few days. Too hot here to do anything outside
  10. You Kennedy boys need to save some for the rest of us.
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