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  1. Nice I found my first one in my grandfathers tackle box unopened one day we were jigging on Cayuga lake probably '90 or '91. Was a slow morning gramps told me to put it on and was hooked up before the jig even hit bottom!! The company that makes them is out of Ohio called bassnbait company. They are old school I dont even believe you can order them online I had to print out an order form and mail it in last time I got some. Wish I could get ahold of some of the original mepps jigs, they flutter perfectly on the drop and ive only a few left after losing alot over the years. Anyways thanks for sharing!
  2. Love jigging for them. Only way I've fished them for 25+ years. Ironically though the jig i love using the best is called a rattle snakie. Company in Texas makes them for bass fishing i guess. It has rattles inside the jig and 2 straps of glow in the dark on each side. 1.5 oz so you can use it calm or choppy days.
  3. I didn't see any retrievers. All the birds we took were retrieved from yak we had hooked on side of the boat. Never rode in a boat with a surface drive motor on it before. Real good way to get someone hurt if you dont know how to operate them. They will scoot pretty good across hydrilla thats for sure
  4. Went out last weekend for my first time ever duck hunting here in Central Florida. Did not disappoint, other than the other 150 boats for opening day. Guy who took me is a regular down here and said in all the years he's hunted only killed 3 drake shovelors. That was my first bird. Others were teal and ringers. Lost 4 birds to tge alligators before we could retrieve them, 1 duck never even hit the water straight into about a 10 footers mouth. Couldnt launch tge boats till 4 am we got there at 1 am and there were already 50 boats in front of us. Like a damn war zone out there i don't know how people don't end up wearing steel shot for jewelry with all the nut cases running around with guns.
  5. Didn't know that. I've heard water levels are pretty low havent been uo there since July. Salmon creek was loaded all way to falls all of November last year. Alot more browns than landlocked but a buddy even caught few Lakers I guess halfway to falls. I sure do miss it, Florida is a absolute cess pool amd anyone that says otherwise is complete bull__itting you!!!
  6. They do let fish up past the ladder. If no one is going to be running it they just bypass it. Not sure if they do anything in the fall or not but back in high school I worked there a few days through a school program. It was very cool. Any trout that go up the ladder get hung up in a waiting pool. Every day we went in there we would net the trout put em in a tub and sprinkle this powder they called "angel dust" on top of water. Within seconds tge fish was floating belly up. We would measure gurth length and weight and document male/female. Biggest fish in 3 days i was there was a 13lb 4 oz female bow. You don't see too many rainbows that big anymore! This was '93-'94. Salmon creek whenever there's enough water also gets loaded
  7. You are spot on I found this on cornell universities website.
  8. I may agree on you with certain aspects of what you said but to each there own if people want to hunt with it it's there call. I will disagree on the small hole idea its well documented that small shot even at extreme distances still Carrie's the kinetic energy down range so will absolutely penetrate more consistently. Stuff is a game changer no doubt either embrace it or stay old school but no one can deny the data.
  9. Ok same as lake trout pretty much. They spawn every year but the thiamine deficiency kills the fry when they're real young. I guess they hatch out of the egg but never make it much past that.
  10. Just a pygmy rattlesnake. Kinda all set on getting any closer I'll leave that cool stuff up for those that dig that ****. Not me
  11. I live in ocala. Shot this bird in ocala national forest. If you can ever get a quota permit for it when you come down it would be worth it. They have 4-4 day turkey hunts and give out 220 permits for each hunt. So 220 people have access to like 300,000 acres. I walked 30 miles during this hunt and never saw another hunter. I probably am more scared of snakes than most people you know. Literally have nightmares before but I wear snake boots and try not to think about them. If its gonna happen itll happen I guess. Love outdoors too much to sit inside
  12. This is interesting I dont have the pics of my targets anymore but tss loads(#7) added about 15 yards and close to 50 bb's in the kill zone of my mossberg 12 gauge compared to the lbxr. Unfortunately that gun and 2 others along with 3 brand new chain saws "fell" out of the back of the moving truck between New York and florida when we moved. Get some seriously shady people when you hire a moving company! Anywho my 4 day season just ended on sunday down here but managed to get my first bird, just a young one but beats last year all 4 days never saw or heard a turkey. Only thing I dont like down here is damn snakes are like IED you literally have to watch every step you take
  13. What's the deal with the dead eggs I thought they went in the tribs in the fall to spawn?
  14. Your not kidding. 2-4 lb lake trout all day long over any rainbow
  15. Jimm I just read your other post about serial numbers so disregard the pm I sent you I'm guessing mine wouldnt work for you considering my bird barrel needed to be fit at factory
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