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  1. Look toward the bow. If it says R it goes right or starboard if it says L then left and port. I would keep a good spread. It depends on current and how hard you turn your boat. Keep outside at 3-3.5 and higher Keep inside at 1-1.5 and deeper Should be fine.
  2. My father and I, with our family, come up from Cleveland every year. My dad, in the 80's, went for a few trips, but stopped coming. after telling me amazing stories of all the fishing in NY we finally decided to take a trip in 2007. Multiple years of chartering from Tracker charter inspired us to get boat and run along side Cpt Dave. Allowing us to bring more family and friends. We gradually went from this annual trip being only 3-4 days long to now being10 day trips multiple times a year. We love it up there The time that comes to mind for me was the first year with our boat. We went trolling the last morning before we left. Just me and my father (now tradition). We had Little gas left from a long day before and did not get in to the marina in time for gas. So we decided to get on the water early ,with the little gas, and come back in early. If we did good we'd go back out if we did bad we would just load up he boat and head home. We hit a nice steelhead right away that I lost. But followed that up with a 20 lb King that I caught. it looked to be a good start It began to get busy and boats were tight. We had a GOOD King on the line and boats were forcing us to turn hard while fighting the fish. We ended up losing it and to top that off we had to turn hard again because of another boat. My father who was driving began to cus as we tried to organize the mess we had. Then the downrigger goes off and starts running out line fast. We knew it was a good King. We just said "get this fish in, then all this will be worth it". Well after about 25 mins he was near the boat. My dad was trying to untangle lines (the fish was all over the place) and drive. On top of that The boat used to have a stalling issue at idle speed. It would stall every once in awhile. Whelp it decided to do it when we were trying to net this fish. Not once not twice Three times. All this and my dad got the net tangled on the rocket launcher in the rod handles when he leaned it on there to go start the boat again. All this was going on and my dad was cussing up a storm. F this boat F this Net. we're never going to catch this fish. I started to laugh to myself because I thought there's no way this much can go wrong and we could lose his fish he would've been lost already. Boat stalls again and my line goes wayyyyy slack. I said "he's gone" My dad says "dammit I'm sorry I lost him". I replied "no you didn't I lost him" I kept reeling and the line tightened up again. The fish ran at the boat. My dad got the net untangled and tried netting it twice and missed. The fish moved to the starboard side and he said im gonna wait till he gets to the back again. I yelled just net him!!! He did and then said help me he's too big. As the fish hit the deck we went from pure mayhem and cussing to jumping up-and-down hugging each other and saying this fish is huge. We went in and decided not to come back out that was the best way to end the trip. I will never forget that moment with my father
  3. I think it may be a ranger http://rangernets.com/hook-free-tangle-free-molded-rubber-nets/ Boat: Luca il Pesce
  4. I'll have to check. The biggest they make. Was $100 Boat: Luca il Pesce
  5. Sorry guys must had made it private on accident Boat: Luca il Pesce
  6. Check out this video on YouTube: Boat: Luca il Pesce
  7. Fished the oak on Sunday 4-12 Went west and set lines immediately 2 - downriggers w/ spoons 6 - planer rods w/ sticks 3-1/8"-5" Browns held in a 1/2-1/4 mile area in 9-11' of water. The size and fight on light rods were great. Fun to get on the boat again. The surprise was a mid teens (no scale so guess) king salmon that hit a purple storm stick bait. He had a few good runs and multiple jumps. It was great to get that adrenaline going again after a long winter. My dad did a great job fighting him. Thought he was off a few times but he just ran hard at the boat. All in all it was a great weekend with family and I had tons of fun w my dad and brother. Never a dull moment w the brother in law lol. When my video is done loading I will post it. It has some photos and videos of the fishing. See ya again soon oak! Boat: Luca il Pesce
  8. Great thanks for the advice!! Boat: Luca il Pesce
  9. Where do you go to do this? I will be near Albion and would like to try to hit up the canal! Boat: Luca il Pesce
  10. We'll be there soon A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  11. 26-16 was good for us. Nice pics. Been a lot of big steelheads this year. A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  12. Sorry my state doesn't have 8 teams to choose from. No matter how bad the browns have been we are loyal true fans. We don't just pick a team to root for bc they are currently relevant. We have respect for the bills fans bc they know our pain. The jets are just great these days And giants are on there way back to the top too!?! Right?? Lol Ehh but I love my browns and the factory of sadness the past 15 yrs A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  13. No way. That's pretty cool. Wish I had a ton of free time i would make a bunch. Cool thing is to customize them and try different things. A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  14. thanks ... that's the benefit of having a cnc....also I plastic welded my cutting board and cnc'd it.... pretty easy to make...I was thinking about taking orders from LOU....lol
  15. Die hard A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  16. Went out for our annual trip from ohio. Only a couple days with 6 or less fish but most of the time we almost got our limit (though it didn't happen). Lots of skippers and small steelies but we def. got some bigger fish. I have never had such a mixed bag while fishing. This has been a year of many lakers and browns. the one day we had (in 400' of water) an Atlantic, brown, king, steelhead, and laker. Sea sick waddler spoon in smooth back and gold 42nd spinny with a mirage green fly was the best for us. Most fishing was slow but there was definite moments of chaos and excitement. fish were all other the place. No real depth or pattern. One day 400' of water the next day 140' of water. you just had to guess to find them. This if the first year we didn't crack 25+lbs. biggest fish was 20lbs. We've been fortunate to catch a 30# fish every year, but not this year so far. We will be back in august to get one more chance at it. we did catch a 14# coho which was my biggest coho. before I went I built my own fish board which I thought turned out pretty nice!
  17. Fished fri and sat east of the river. It was a ruff day east. Fri boated a bunch of skippers and lakers. Ended up keeping 3 fish. Action was slow and having my wife on the boat for her first fishing trip ended w her getting sick. Wind sucked and chop got her. Sunday was different. We Fished west on the 15-16 line about 100-160' north south(forgot line). Wire dipsey on a 3 setting back 140 with a half green half silver and black ribbed spoon w hammered back took 2 kings. One was 18lb and the other was 12lb It was constant action. Our 5 color lead core went off all day w an orange crush spoon. Anything in the top 20-30' w orange or pink took steel and coho. Couldn't get flies to fire but I know a cpt who told me his 140 diver w a 42 second went off a lot. He Also got a 18# salmon. Riggers 43' to 110' caught fish. 110' caught us a salmon on a sea sick waddler hammered. Also gold smooth back chicken wing spoon got us a salmon 100' down. Hooked 25. Lost 6. Threw back 7. Fun weekend. Back to ohio and the massive amounts of white bass and dink walleye (taste good but no fight) A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  18. Brown A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  19. Awesome! A wife and a steady job will ruin a good fisherman.
  20. Do not ball fleas on mono they will be impossible to flick off. They will have to be picked then.
  21. Wire line - tighten drag and power through the fleas. They will ball up at the end of the rod and by forcing the the line past them they will be sawed off. Or ball them up and run them up and down the tight wire to saw them by hand. Mono - keep line TIGHT to the rod by pulling down on line. Hold line under the fleas with ur left hand and pull the line so it's tight and there's a bend in the rod. Then with you right hand pluck the mono and flick them off. If you have to keep pulling back till your flick is hard enough to launch them off.
  22. Tracker charters is amazing. Only does 5 at a time but it is better sometimes to break it up. It sucks waiting for 7 people to fish before you get another crack at it.
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