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  1. I'm sorry to hear. Ill check with my buddy who is a taxidermist as I've given him a few over the years.
  2. I have been taking my daughter last 3 years to Ohio for a youth hunt. Last two have been with Southern Ohio Outfitters. Shes 3 for 3 and killed a giant this year. Her hunts are more fun than my own. She shoots 150 grain winchester factory loads. I've bought her a caldwell chairpod and she's lights out shooting that 350. Can't wait until next year!
  3. Congrats! 350 legend is a great round. My daughter loves to shoot it and its super accurate!
  4. We were hunting with Southern Ohio Outfitters in Jackson, Ohio. We sat all day - passed up a nice 8pt at 11am. Didnt see another deer until about 330 when a spike popped up in front of us. I had Gabby practice aiming at him when she caught movement way off in the distance in the field. This guy was out there over 300 yards tending a doe. At 4 he chased off a 120 inch 8 the back to the doe. At this point he was 275 yards and not leaving that doe. A monster 8pt shows up above him. The big buck started pushing the doe down the hill and getting closer. He finally got within 250 yards and she was ready for the shot and it was 4:58. Gabby practices a lot with me out to 200 yards so this was a little stretch but she had calmed down after watching him for an hour and a half. We also use a lead sled shooting chair which is great for kids. She's shooting an AR chambered in 350 legend 150 grain winchester loads. First shot she hit him and he jump down towards the doe. He was standing but kept putting his head down but was facing us looking around. He turned broadside again and she fired and dropped him. He kicked a couple times and I had her shoot again. I still can't believe it all came together. An awesome experience!
  5. My 12 year old daughter smoked a monster! I'll get you all some details later!
  6. Yes, she shot a nice 10pt less than an hour into her hunt first day. I've got a group of 4 of us headed back for the first 3 days of gun. I think they've shifted some guides around. Ill be sure to give you an update
  7. On my way to Ohio with my daughter for a youth hunt. Hopefully she scores early so I can get back to hunt with my dad. Good luck to all!
  8. Buddy in Medina got this one today at 11am.
  9. Buddy shot a nice one this morning at our lease. His best buck so far.
  10. Saw a small spike early. My dad shot a coyote and then saw 2 more but no shot.
  11. https://www.basecampleasing.com/?_ga=2.37162530.308431642.1604433140-856355969.1603827571&_gac=1.22777801.1604433140.CjwKCAiAnIT9BRAmEiwANaoE1a1QHsSUUA-IKDgnCmbm9La7JKFg4CWfxrFgO7NCYKo4HyI9y1pI3xoCrz8QAvD_BwE I leased a property on this site a couple years ago. My current lease I found on craigslist early in the year on the sporting section.
  12. Haven't hunted much this year. My dad is struggling to pull back his bow so thats been keeping us out of the woods. He's all pumped up for xbow and we're going to hunt the first 5 days and see if we can't get lucky. Congrats on all the kills so far! It's great refreshing this thread to get some live updates. Thanks for everyone sharing the updates. I hope to add some notes this week. Good luck to all!
  13. 2016 Yamaha Grizzly in excellent condition. 349 miles - upgraded wheels and tires, electric winch, electric handwarmers, 60 inch plow all professionally installed at Don George's. Still have extended warranty until end of May 2021. Machine was used for plowing and pull a few deer out of the woods. 4x4 with differential lock. New battery this past April. You will not find a cleaner used machine. Always garage kept. 9000 obo
  14. Called this nice tom in for my daughter this morning - 9 inch beard 7/8 spurs. Savage .410 with 3inch tss loads.
  15. I'm trying to sell my guys on entering this year and this gives us a few more things to think about. I'm good either way on # of rods. No observer would definitely help having a smaller boat. I do like the idea of an observer in this type of a tournament. I agree with Vince on the kings and coho. Adding lake trout really doesn't interest me. I like the idea of opening up Canadian waters. Just my 2 cents, I'll be interested to follow along. Thx!
  16. Congrats! It's a rush watching the kids harvest their first deer!
  17. Good luck - we had a great time down there this past year!
  18. This guy was behind my office in Tonawanda this morning.
  19. Brought my daughter to Southern Ohio Outfitters for a youth hunt. She was able to score first thing this morning on a nice 10pt!
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