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  1. Great deer so far! Congrats! On stand for the first all day sit this year in 9k. Been quiet so far except for the walk in.
  2. Congratulations! Lots of big deer hitting the ground.
  3. Same deer? Can't seem to get any day time pics.
  4. That ghost blind looks pretty good there! Good luck
  5. My buddy rolls them up and puts them in a six inch PVC pipe with slid on end caps. Seems to work well
  6. I bought the 200 ft/min and I'm happy with them. They're definitely well built. Call them up and they'll answer any question you have.
  7. I've been running the magnum metalz the past two years and they've been great. I would highly recommend https://www.magnum-metalz.com
  8. I replaced 2 - 97 merc 150 2 strokes with 2015 150 4 strokes. You won't be disappointed. Didnt lose any speed and they're a lot better on fuel consumption. Easy to maintain if you decide to do it yourself.
  9. 5 - slide divers with with weighted rings - sold 2 - traxstech rod holders $60 for the pair McGard propeller lock - $35 Raymarine HS5 Seatalk Network Switch brand new never used - $150 Kicker connecting rod - $10 Located in North Tonawanda - PM if interested
  10. What grain bullet are you using for the 7mm? I'm going to pick up a set of dies for mine. I hand loaded for my 45-70 with 300 grain tsx and hand excellent results. Hoping the same with the 7mm
  11. I have 2-2015 merc 4 stroke 150s. I'm very happy with them and would definitely recommend. They're quiet, fuel efficient, easy to change oil, fuel filters and gear lubes. PM if you have any questions on the mercs.
  12. Congrats on all the great bucks! I booked a hunt for my 10 year old daughter on a 2 day youth hunt in Ohio. We had the green light to shoot any buck but was hoping to score a good one. Saturday only saw a small doe in the morning. Setup up on a field for the evening hunt and had a wacky 7 point come in. Gabby was ready to lay him out but I made her give him a pass. Sunday morning we only see two does - I asked if she wanted to take one with only an afternoon hunt left. She wanted a buck. That evening we head back to the same field hoping the buck we passed the night before showed up or one of the other bucks they had on camera showed. First 3 hours we didnt see anything and I felt terrible not letting her pull the trigger Saturday night. I scanned the field with my binoculars and see a rack coming up the bottom of the field. I bought her a leadsled chair with the gun rest. Worked great for her - I clocked her cva hunter in 44 mag and said get ready. I got him to stop at about 100 yards and she smoked him. We were both pumped and couldn't believe what just happened. Best hunt I've ever been on! Matt at Sunfish Valley Outfitters does some magic with the pics too!
  13. Nice shooting Whaler! Congrats to all the bucks so far. I've had a couple close calls but that's it. Buddy of mine shot this one in Orleans County today.
  14. 3 real nice bucks laying in the field behind my office in Tonawanda today. Hoping this is a good sign for this weekend!
  15. I'm out behind the house on a new set. Hoping something good shows. Haven't got pics of any shooters yet.
  16. Great looking deer whaler! We got a couple good ones on camera a bit back
  17. I agree - nice to see a other west end tourney in July. Mike Johannes and Danny Evan's worked with the town of Wilson to coordinate. I'll pass the word along and see if this is something we could repeat.
  18. LOTSA Tournament Time is just around the corner!! Friday July 20th and Saturday July 21st! Have you thought about fishing a salmon tournament in the past? Not interested in a high stress, high entry fee tournament? Do you fish alone?? – Not a problem here! Then the LOTSA Tournaments are for you! We offer options that cater to all anglers from small boats to large, offer 4 ports to launch from (Niagara River, Wilson, Olcott and Oak Orchard); our Curt Meddaugh Memorial Tournament is FREE, open communication and a chance to make some new friends while you’re at. On Saturday July 21st we even offer a free catered picnic to ALL LOTSA members and family. We have had over 30 boats the last 2 years and hope to grow the tournament again this year! All teams MUST provide a cell phone number to be contacted in the event of a delay or cancellation due to inclement weather. No shotgun start this year - it's an honor system with no lines in the water until 6am. All additional rules and details provided in links below. The Curt Meddaugh Memorial Tournament is FREE Pays back 3 places! Link to register and rules below! Rules and registration details provided at this link https://lotsa1.org/sign-up-curt-meddaugh-tournament/ Food Bank of Western NY will be accepting fish donations following the tournament – please keep your fish on ice if you are donating! Interested in putting a little more skin in the game?? We offer 2 additional options! Saturday July 21st – LOTSA Tournament - $60 entry - link provided below Rules and registration details provided at this link https://lotsa1.org/sign-up-lotsa-tournament/ Friday/Saturday – LOTSA 323 - $50 entry – MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE LOTSA Tournament – our spin off of the famous 333 out of Lake Michigan! Rules and registration details provided at this link https://lotsa1.org/sign-up-323-tournament/ LOTSA Picnic – Saturday July 21st – RAIN or SHINE – regardless if day is a wash due to weather and winds. Krull Park – Lion’s Pavilion – all details at link below Raffle drawings for tackle 50/50 Raffle Picnic will be catered for food and drinks! Bring your family Must register at this link https://lotsa1.org/sign-up-lotsa-picnic/ We look forward to seeing you all there!! Please let us know if you have any questions!
  19. 88I've been running them since April and am very happy. They don't have an autostop but the clutch system will not break off a ball. They are machine very well. I would recommend for the price. Call the shop and they'll answer any questions. Also made in the USA!
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