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  1. I've got the same scope on my 7mm! You won't be disappointed
  2. Keep at it! It's going to come together
  3. Congrats Slammin! How did it all go down?
  4. Hi Andy - yes I'm at sunfish and Dylan is my guide. I'll tell him you said hi
  5. I'm down in Latham Ohio at an outfitter and should be tagged out. Opening morning a beautiful 10 pt sneaks in from the left I've got the gun ready for him to clear a tree for about an 70 yard shot when he catches my wind. He turned to take off and I was able to get him stopped in an opening about 85-90 yards. I shoot and he drops - so I throw another round in and he gets up and scoots through the thick stuff. Waited 3 hours and had good blood with some bubbles in it and some dark blood on the one side. Had a group of guys and we searched all over with no luck. Sucks to lose one - would have been my biggest. I must have screwed up the shot because the gun drives tacks. Going to be a long rest of the week.
  6. 250 grain TC Shockwaves shoot well with 2 triple 7 pellets out of mine.
  7. Got lucky today - was walking in this afternoon and saw a bunch of does bedded and this guy stood up and smoked him. Dad was right behind me in the photo- great day !!!
  8. Congrats! Nice deer gambler and bondouly!
  9. Only if you owned/hunted the property next to me. **Meant as a joke. I think anyone here would shoot!
  10. Good luck tracking! Waiting on pics!
  11. Saw a nice buck tonight just not enough light for a good shot. Wish they started moving 5 minutes earlier. Next time!
  12. Raymarine repaired mine last year for no charge. Give them a call and they will take care of you
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