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  1. Saw one on boat trader in Maryland with new Motors for 38k. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1989-tiara-3300-102834882
  2. I bought a 10000 ft spool through Anglers Avenue. It was blood run and their price was cheaper than blood run. I liked the American Fishing Wire better than blood run but couldn't find it in a bulk spools.
  3. 2 Traxtech rod holders for a vertical tree Listing for a friend 2 traxtech rod holders that attach to a vertical tree. These are brand new never used. $70 each PM with questions
  4. MeanMachine

    Sold / Closed 230 proline

    I had an 84 - great hull. Surprised no one has jumped on this.
  5. I've got a 20hp yamaha for sale posted here. 25 inch shaft electric start. Check it out
  6. 2009 Yamaha 20HP 4 stroke kicker/tiller Motor is still mounted on my boat which will be pulled from storage 2nd week of March. I upgraded my main outboards to new merc 4 strokes and decided to drop the kicker. Impeller replaced last August and always maintained/serviced. Included is the control king throttle control that allows you to control speed from the helm. Motor has electric start, 25 inch shaft and alternator. $2100 obo - pm me with any questions.
  7. I would call up and send back. I bought a 10000 ft spool of blood run and haven't had any issues with any I have spooled up off of it.
  8. Check dirty Goose sport fishing on facebook. I think he had 2 brand new ones for sale
  9. I run 50lb power pro for the backing and splice in about 100ft 80lb power pro that the diver is hooked run on. I haven't had any issues with the diver sliding and you won't break off any divers as I've had happen with the mono.
  10. I've got a scotty base you can have if you want it. Not sure if it will match up
  11. I'm all about the gross score not net.
  12. I'm looking at purchasing 2 new Mercury Enertia 15 pitch props. One standard rotation and one counter. Best price I'm seeing is Prop Gods - 549 includes hub assembly. Any suggestions?
  13. I made the switch last year and have been happy so far. I haven't noticed a big difference with the fleas and fished some days they were loading up the wire divers. My rigger bite did improve....tough to say if it was what I was running, presentation or the braid?? I'm sticking with the braid especially since I've been running more meat rigs deep and the blow back is minimal.
  14. I agree it's the hunters choice but those long gun seasons make it easier to shoot a small buck. Especially with our gun season hitting pretty close to peak rut. If we could only shoot one buck each year I think everyone would think twice before ending their season early on a small buck.
  15. I'm looking for either a new or used radar dome. PM with what you have - thanks!!
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