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  1. Hey rodney, its joe from wilson a few weeks back. Great job on the comeback and the trophies are awesome! Congrats To your son for his king. Ill come give you a hand if you need someone next time
  2. just got my latest cc statement. same as rodney, i had almost $200 in charges this month alone from people fishing with me that i made sign up for one day passes.
  3. i recently had a chart i found online that had roughly the designated lines and depth of waters they corresponded to in the wilson/olcott area. cannot find it now and all the searches in the world have come up empty. anyone have this chart or info?
  4. You can buy it, but according to whom I talked to kt would be ineligible
  5. this is a sore subject for me. my son just turned 9 in the end of june. we fish on average 20hrs a week. he is my fishing partner, my best friend, and one helluva fisherman. many charter captains have commented about his composure and attitude on the boat. if there is anyone who can call out a fish on faster than my son i would like to meet him! lol . he has solo brought in 27lb salmon. he takes hooks out, works the net, releases fish with more patience than most adults, cleans and filets fish. he even ties his own trolling flies. before the tourney i called and spoke with someone , at length, in the loc office regarding the 'youth' division (dont know the name as i never asked). i was told that the only difference between the two divisions was entry fees and that they both fished for the same prizes. i asked if i could pay for him as a youth so we could be eligible and they said no. since he was under 10 he could be on the boat as an observer but not have anything to do with the landing of an eligible fish. the next day i was going out to derby fish with 2 other contestants. i had told my son that he could come, but we would have to get the poles first and once we knew that it was not a fish that needed to be weighed in then he could have the pole. his response was that he did not want to come then as it would be no fun for him, to which i completely agreed. knowing how much he loves fishing and seeing how disappointed he was i told him that he could come and fish how we normally do. needless to say we had a really good day and there were 3 derby worthy fish that we caught that day , all of which would still be in the money today, that we released and never weighed in due to them being 'ineligible' . sorry for the long rant which i would have never brought up myself but since the subject is being talked about i wanted to add to it. i am not going to punish him for what accounts to a major chunk of the fishing season just because of a silly tournament rule. the reason i fish is because of my son. the reason i own a boat is because of my son. the reason i fish on lake ontario is because of my son. seems rather sad that i have to be ineligible for a tournament because i want to fish with my son. but no prize money is better to me than seeing the look on his face when he is fishing
  6. true. the only thing to add here is freshness of the fish. the older it gets, the more fishy it smellsand tastes. i have served fish to so many people that 'dont like fish' only to have them enjoy it. they always want to know the secret to which i tell them there is none as long as you serve it fresh and cook it properly
  7. instead of mounting it you can always send the pic of you and the fish to a place that does stick on vinyl graphics. they can blow it up to whatever size you want and put it on your wall. they are very reasonable. i have some of me and my son with fish that cost in the $40 to $60 range
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