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  1. i put hook bonnets on the trebles and then throw them all in a non divided plano box. easiest and cheapest i have found yet to do it
  2. the rod does not twist at all during the fight due to the ergonomic shape
  3. the triangular fore grip on the okuma classic pro glt rods as well as the copper series is a must for me. would be hard for me to buy a rod without it
  4. switched out antenna. all better
  5. i was very deep (500fow) when i noticed it not working. i tried the damp rag and it did not work
  6. today my speed on subtroll stopped registering but the temps were still displaying. i used my backup probe thinking battery. also reterminated the connection at the probe and checked the connection between antenna and cable.. any thoughts?
  7. Don Johannes/Pete DeAngelo Memorial Fishing Tournament To Be Held Friday May 29, 2015 and Friday June 5, 2015 Register At: The Slippery Sinker, The Boat Doctors, The Wilson Boatyard Gas Dock or Bootleggers Cove Marina (formerly Sunset Bay Marina) Entry Deadline is the morning of the Tournament at 7:00 A.M. Entry Fee $100.00 per boat (cash only). Payout Based on 60 teams Big Fish - 1st $750.00 — 2nd $400.00 — 3rd $200.00 Total Weight Best Three Fish 1st $1200.00 6th $300.00 2nd $700.00 7th $250.00 3rd $600.00 8th $200.00 4th $500.00 9th $150.00 5th $400.00 10th $100.00 All Entries Must Be In Line For Weigh In No Later Than 3pm. Teams arriving after that time will not be eligible for weigh in. Weigh in At Clark’s Park Near The Boathouse Restaurant on June 29th and At Bootleggers Cove Marina on June 5th by 3pm Maximum 3 Fish Per Cooler- No Ice or Water. All Awards Will Be Paid In Cash, Immediately Following The Weigh In. A Charitable Donation Will Be Made To Niagara Hospice. In the event of bad weather, listen for announcements on ch. 9
  8. Still was hot after new impeller. Took hose off between thry hull screen and pump and blew it out. Has been running great since. Thanks for all the help!
  9. depending on which release you use you wont need one... if using a walker or blacks you can tie directly to the loop of the release.. make sure the stripped cable is in contact with the loop of release. use the 'wire' knot that is talked about for terminating stainless steel diver lines. wrap any exposed cable with the rubber conductive tape and good to go
  10. thanks alot guys. sounds like a great place to begin
  11. thanks.. will add this to our list of things to check... along with heat exchanger and new pump assembly.
  12. UPDATE.. apparently the dock idle didnt mean much as it again got hot on troll..... when got back in blew air into the thru hull intake hose and git bubbles under the boat so that is clear...
  13. just left the boat.. opened the housing back up and the impeller looked to be in backwards. replaced it with a new one in the opposite direction. ran it at idle for 30 mins and never got over 160. hopefully that was it!! i am gonna go thru all the other things listed here tho too. thanks!
  14. thanks for the replies guys. i'll check into all of these
  15. the starboard engine has always run a few degrees warmer than port but never too hi. first few trips this year have proven otherwise. the starboard engine temp is fine at cruising rpm. sat we ran out and started troll on starboard engine. after 20-30 minutes the temp creeped up so i switched over to troll on port... the temp was fine on the starboard side on ride back to dock. got in and removed cover to find impeller in pretty bad shape. ran down the road and had a new one put in thinking that was the simple and obvious fix... next day tried the same thing except at trolling rpm the starboard engine got hot in 5 minutes... again the temp was fine on the cruise back to dock. any thoughts? is it possible the impeller was put in backwards or doesnt it matter with them as far as the spin goes?
  16. Children under 10 can be on board but can have no part of bringing the fish in.
  17. any updates on boom removal timing?
  18. would you be able to release the dipsy with a big fish hooked to the fixed slider?
  19. jpiat. i also fished outside olcott yest. if you want fish but have given up on the inside mature bite, there are 2 areas to try. slide out to 90 feet. there are tons of fish in the top 20' of the water column. the were hard to get to play tho. we then slid out to 250' and got 7 fish including a nice mid teen 2yr old along with some fiesty steelies
  20. I was under assumption that stripping coating and making contact with set screw was for auto stop purposes only.. no need on manual models
  21. last year i was looking at 1000 near the end of the derby and having to go to the banquet. got bumped to the 600 prize not needing to show a couple days before and was ectatic about it as i made far more money that way. if i stayed at the 1000 level and figure in taxes on it, taking a day off work to go to banquet, gas for 6 hr round trip, i would lose money on that return. this doesnt factor in the inconvenience of having my witness come as well.
  22. Fleas were bad between wilson and olcott today
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