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  1. why arent they both on? i thought the same person couldnt have multiple entries in the same division only?
  2. my nephew has a youtube channel about fishing. this is his latest piece
  3. overhand knot to make loop on leader then half hitch onto swivel of flasher
  4. then just use shower curtain clips with rubber bands. you can get like 6 in a pack for a buck. there is no reason to use bands with the amish clips, and the amish clips arent the cheapest things either. a little more than 2 bucks a piece and they do crack and you will drop them in lake
  5. 4ml thick 3" x 5" zip lock bags work nice. then just put in storage box
  6. you will have to "twist" the braid 6-8 times before you snap the loop thru the clip beaks. same as you would a blacks release on a downrigger
  7. i have run 600 copper off them with no issues. just snap the braid thru the beaks. adjust them until there is a good snap. similar to the feeling of resistance of flossing your teeth. no rubber bands
  8. no need for rubber bands. some guys permanently thread them onto the tow line thru the small metal ferring. i just clip them into the slot each time. it helps if you have the same backer for all of your long lines so you dont have to keep readjusting them.
  9. look up wilson boat yard. no i dont have it handy, sorry
  10. how are you calibrating surface gps, probe just below surface, and downspeed all at same time..... and why? you can count on one or two fingers the amount of days there is so little resistance under the water that downspeed and surface speed are the same. and if you do calibrate those two together then your downspeed on any other day is not a true reflection of speed at ball. also if you calibrate downspeed and surface together then you take yourself out of the information loop with other fisherman who are running a certain speed using the same unit as you.
  11. contact the gas shack to see if it was turned in
  12. just making sure you werent trying to calibrate downspeed with gps
  13. that is not at all what i am saying. it is unclear to where the probe in question is reading the same as his gps. if it is at surface , then ok. if probe is down 70ft reading the same as gps because of calibration then it is an expensive thermometer at that point
  14. if you calibrate your fish hawk to your gps then you are defeating its' purpose
  15. keep in mind if wind forecast is accurate there will be possibly 4+ footers by noon
  16. joe g

    Sold / Closed closed

    check out the the ad from instigator that is currently running now in classifieds
  17. biggest thing to take away from it is the location of us/can border and you can get idea of where the drop off is outside the red can (buoy marker). all of this info should be on most gps units
  18. single flies are rigged as in pic A. twinkie rigs are usually run as in pic B. both work
  19. looking for position as observer for upcoming tournaments. reliable and prompt.
  20. keep hook bonnets on all mine then into large plano or other storage box. can sort thru them without fear of getting poked and baits dont tangle together
  21. blood run 7 strand 30lb is my favorite wire for diver rods. i used to run big game but found it had too much memory from making twists in the line to put in a blacks release. now have switched to ande 25lb premium mono and dont have as much of a problem
  22. ill take them. i am in wilson. can you ship?
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