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  1. i have seen guys in wilson harbor dump guts too
  2. 2 canon stainless steel low profile swivel bases used but in great condition. can text pics if needed. 140 for the pair. i'll cover shipping
  3. i have 2 stainless steel canon swivel bases. great condition. in buffalo. $125 for the pair
  4. even if that sunday forcast is true we will still most likely be dealing with ice water assuming we get the heavy ne blows predicted for fri and sat.
  5. evinrude outboard motor posting this for a friend. contact him for info/pictures Evinrude 15 HP electric start 4 Stroke outboard. E15TEL4IN Purchesed new 4/2015 10 hours run time 5 year warranty -All paperwork and Operator's guide Asking $ 2000.00 Pictures, questions call 716-622-1831 or e mail [email protected]
  6. ya saw that boat too. we were within a football field of you alot of the day
  7. do you have a lundish type boat with orange lettering or trim? if so i mean we were literally right next to you
  8. no tape for me. couple wraps of thread on head.... first color mylar... couple wraps thread... 2nd mylar... couple wraps thread. last mylar... heavy wrap thread... tie knot.. super glue
  9. The netting should be same action as shoveling snow. Quick entry into water , scoop, and raise back out of water. Do not put net in water until you are ready to scoop or you blow back the netting. The rod man in my opinion has more to do with netting than the netman. Rodman stays at back of boat til fish nose comes to surface just behind boat. At that point hold tip hi and walk directly behind netman and guide fish in net. The pinch pad works great but if you have rubber net it can tear webbing. Other option is paracord tied to deepest part of basket and ties to handle at opposite end. Pull rope tight when grasping shaft to keep netting from dangling. As soon as fish enters basket let go of cord
  10. Gary,We were fishing same water as you today. Fleas were awful. Had to handline a few fish cause they clogged up the eyes. We went 12 for 18.. just under 19bs biggest . Landed another mid teen but dropped 3 other matures, one of which straightened a hook on 400 copper 30 feet behind the boat after a 20min fight
  11. the biggest problem i have found with the fighting belt shown in the above pic is that it sits too hi for smaller kids and it places the reel up in their chin area. i made a neck harness that i lopped around my sons neck that places the butt end just above his knees allowing the reel to be around his waist area which gives him optimal mechanical advantage when fighting bigger fish
  12. my best advice is to try and hook up with other local fisherman if you know any and get out with them to see how they do things. take pieces of everyones program and customize it to fit your needs.
  13. my best advice is to try and hook up with other local fisherman if you know any and get out with them to see how they do things. take pieces of everyones program and customize it to fit your needs.
  14. so what do i do as i try to go online now to sign up my boat to derby fish tmrw and when i hit the register now tab it leads me to a page titled "future site of something cool"
  15. 60F surface temp today. down almost 15degrees from last week. i had one probe at 30ft, another at 75. 43F througout the column. finally found a surface break in 360fow and moved rods there but with the blow today and tmrw it will get worse for sure and push em off shore
  16. crimps for terminations can cause fraying at the connection. i use the wire knot that alot of us use for our dipsy terminations and have never had a problem plus never have to buy a connector again. tie right to the blacks release and small heat shrink over the tag end
  17. okuma classic pro glt has dedicated dipsy rods in 9' and 10'
  18. i took the average of the coordinates that most posted about that snag and put a skull and crossbones waypoint on my gps to avoid it. two weeks ago my copper got hung up on something and tore off. when i looked at my screen i was only .2 miles from the waypoint
  19. dont need clinchers to attach the blacks release. strip some coating off the cable (burning it off and using sand paper to get it back to a sheen works best) and tie it directly to the release with the wire line knot many guys here use to terminate their dipsy rods. use the rubber tape to cover any exposed wire
  20. terminate your coated cable with a blacks release. the probe clips to the blacks release then a break away chain from the probe to the weight. the main line now clips into the release above the probe so even as the probe spins out of the water it doesnt wrap around the line
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