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  1. If you want to fish inshore for redds snook etc. call Rob Gorta www.captainrobgorta.com My family and I have fished several times with him and he is an outstanding fisherman and a good guy. Have great trip.
  2. I just bought a couple from fish307.com. The shop is in Lake George. Good luck
  3. Thanks, I forwarded your number to a buddy in VT who is looking for a boat like yours.
  4. Guys They are extending the sale another day. The site claims it fixed the issues from earlier. I got thru on my second try but I had to switch from internet explorer to firefox, just the opposite of sk8.
  5. I get where your coming from, but hear me out. I work in the forest industry Many state timber sales in PA and NY are already restricted from harvesting during hunting seasons. Many private landowners restrict harvesting on their own properties so they can hunt with out disturbance. Many farmers restrict logging until they get their crops off. Then you have mud season/ break up in the spring most if not all harvesting stops. Anyway you see where this ends up. These guys are pretty limited on when they can harvest as it is. Not too mention they (the sawmill or logger) have paid for a lot of this timber in advance. So lets not ask the government to take any more rights away from hardworking taxpayers. I get that when its your hunting that is disturbed it stinks. Chances are you won't have to deal with this on that tract again any time soon. Not trying to stir the pot just offering another perspective. Good luck hunting!
  6. I am for stopping the spread of the invasive species. I always wipe my boat down and pull weeds and junk off the trailer. Unfortunately the state is late to the show. The politicians will once again inconvenience the little guys to show they are doing "something"
  7. Nice boat , I have an 84 and they have a lot of room for a 21. Someone will get a real nice boat. Good luck with the sale
  8. Guys thanks again for all the suggestions, We are all set Stosh
  9. Guys I need 1 low profile base if anyone is willing to sell just one please pm me thanks
  10. Guys, Thanks for the suggestions, I will contact these guys and see who has an opening.
  11. Guys, I normally fish Cayuga and Seneca, but have some clients who would like to do a walleye charter in late August on Lake Erie, or up on the St Lawrence. Please post your suggestions. Thank You, Stosh
  12. Very interesting, I for one will be checking back to follow this process. Thanks for sharing
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