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  1. What TileMan said but watch youtube video's and go to a graphic designer it wont cost anymore then trying to do it yourself online .. I did 18" high x 8' long for $130
  2. Hello all... I'm fishing lake Erie this spring and summer for walleye and perch this will be my first time and I'd like any info I can get on places to stay from Erie to Buffalo I would like to stay on the lake and if I could get a slip with lodging that would be perfect !! Thanks
  3. I would say you nailed it Sk8man with the factory defaults he may have unknowingly turned something off
  4. Call fish hawk there customer service is unmatched !!!!
  5. Carl is right and its the same in Pa as well
  6. Thanks Tracker but I have a set of willy's boards and I would like the older cannon boards not sure when they stopped making them
  7. Hello ... I am looking for a pair of cannon full size planer boards must be in good shape !! Thanks
  8. I would start by replacing all the friends that will be 15 minutes early to meet you at the launch ramp !!!
  9. That lucky fella's future wife already payed for the trip ... don't throw her back !!!
  10. Go to youtube there are tons of video's
  11. Right now its west winds 10 to 15 knots afternoon thunderstorms waves 2 to 3 feet
  12. are you asking about weather conditions ?
  13. I have a 5 foot wille mast and 2 wille skee boards in good condition $250.00 and i'll pay shipping
  14. Great food and people fishing was slow but who cares when you have the first two !!! Thanks to all
  15. enjoyed the night casting with you Justin and still want to troll for eye's ... When does that kick off ?
  16. Mr580 I have ordered my power cords but let me check with my friend he may want them ... thanks
  17. Thanks salmonite but I only have downrigger side .. always something stopping me from saving money
  18. That's for both sides pap... I'm just happy I can get them Thanks Sk8man you are the man !!!! [ BOAT ] Brake Out Another Thousand
  19. Can anyone tell me where to find power cords for the 10a I need the power supply side with plug
  20. Cant go wrong with a crappie fry !! see you tomorrow Justin weather looks good
  21. I have a head unit prob and antenna it also has a nice hard case came with downriggers I bought.. wanta sell all 3 make me an offer.. I can send picture's to your phone I will also return your money for the units if they don't work
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