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  1. Wouldn't start trolling may to September without dream weaver super slim lemon-ice (dream weaver glow frog always on the deepest rigger) and stinger NBK natural born killer my 3 must have !!
  2. Justin does the trolling motor have I pilot ? if so text me some info and a price I'm headed up to Chaumont in a couple weeks if the temps drop
  3. i'm interested in the bay rats please send me a PM when you post so I don't miss it ... thanks
  4. Looking at the (pictures) i'm going to say no they are not line counters
  5. If it covers eastern Erie I'll take it Pm me for payment.... Thanks Paul
  6. I put clear silicone inside mine before sliding them on worked great
  7. 8 foot medium power fast action they have braid on them now probably 7 years old
  8. i​'m making the switch to lake Erie walleye and have a ton of salmon stuff when you figure out what you need i'm willing to trade for most anything.... Good Luck
  9. Funny stuff lost a lure.. In this case its the wheel of shame
  10. Not mostly a myth it is a myth and your right there is no need to put that in the water i'm not a tree huger but there are a lot of scents out there
  11. Wow sorry to hear that man !!! up until now I said that would never happen at the oak 2 years ago in Henderson I had someone take everything but the paint off the boat NOT FUN
  12. I have willies mast and boards in good shape make me an offer can send pics to your phone
  13. You should call for prices but I think Captains cove is like 32 bucks per man 4c's is about 48 that is for 2 guys ...... Hope that helps !!
  14. The number is the same and they have a few cabins i'm staying there in May
  15. Try 4c's 585-682-4224 or Captains cove 585-682-3316 ... Good Luck
  16. Buc-a-roo sportfishing kent ny AKA oak orchard 585-659-8130
  17. Hello bobber i'd like to talk to you about getting a 20 ib summer steelhead done I live in Gouldsboro pa .... thanks
  18. WOW...That is unbelievable !!!
  19. Thanks Gill-T i'll check it out
  20. Thanks guys .. What I'm really looking for is a place to stay on the water on the east end
  21. I was thinking what could be better then a walleye ? Now I know congratulations
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