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  1. A good post and I agree with your statements.
  2. When you put the boat on the trailer at the ramp then move up up on level ground and re tighten strap. This is what i have to do to get the strap tight. Remember safety chain.
  3. Put some non slip tape on board. It works good and fish do not slide around.
  4. Went to my internet supplier and he fixed it for me.
  5. whaler1 It is an issue when you can not get on web site Sk8man It is a new computer Hillside My internet provider says nothing wrong Please have this passed on to web master
  6. Why is the site so slow loading and most days lately I can not get it to load. IT WAS LIKE THIS LAST YEAR AND YOU FIXED it. can you please fix now [email protected] James Dexter
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