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  1. We are pretty new to this...we are the 265 Predator you waved at this am. Sent from my VS987 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks for reply...I have no clue .. honestly Sent from my VS987 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. How do you know it's domestic rainbow? Sent from my VS987 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. At this point I'd say he isn't really selling anything!
  5. Interested in 2 planer reels..can you send me a pic of them?
  6. Looking to buy a pair of used planer reels..preferably rail clamp type
  7. What auto pilot does everyone recommend for Garmin 741x ?
  8. Thanks! You guys are good..also website is back up. Sent from my SCH-I435 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Thanks!! LOU members always come thru
  10. Oops..that's the same one..this is other set
  11. Having trouble attaching files..these are the other ones
  12. Can anyone help me identify these FLT spoons..bought them a month ago and they didn't come labeled and website has been down since..thanks
  13. Check these out..awesomehttp://www.coldwatertackle.com/trinity-industries-medium-8-special-mate-tackle-box
  14. Hughes Marina..just east of Pultneyville
  15. thanks all for the feedback..I have also experienced the diving problem at the boat and wonder if I should let off on rod instead of trying to muscle it in..have caught many fish with them but also broke backing a couple of times..that sucks. I think I might be in for quite a rodeo if I get a big fish on..lol
  16. Is anyone running leadcore on TX-44 inline planers? and if so..any issues landing fish?
  17. Anyone hear if they are catching bullheads on Seneca yet?
  18. Fished off bear creek to Ginna...went 6-6 4browns 1salmon and 1 laker...laker 10 lbs in 15 fow...strange as we usually fish Seneca and never catch lakers that shallow
  19. Well not too bad for first trip...stumbled onto three browns..still have alot of learning to do...probably lost that many lures as well..we usually fish in 100 feet plus so this will take some getting used to..had fun though
  20. Hi all...brother and I are new to Ontario...fish finger lakes mostly...gonna try browns tomorrow off Pultneyville...anybody know if the bite has started?
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