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  1. Looks like Sunday's going to be our first time out this season...... Can't wait! We'll post up results.
  2. I live on Grand Island, have a two-axle trailer, and use the EZ Pass lane all the time. I never saw any extra axle charge on my statement.... Granted, I usually use ONLY the Grand Island Tolls, and have a G.I. resident EZ Pass..... I'm wondering if it would be the same story if I were to use the Thruway to head down to Dunkirk, or over to Rochester......
  3. Boat's ready. I'm ready. Kid's ready. Hope the Perch are ready..... lol Maybe next weekend....
  4. Well, since the authorities have given up their search, it should go without saying, that we, as local fishermen, will be on the lookout for any signs of this poor guy and his boat. This is not a good way for the season to begin.
  5. When we run them, we usually use black ones........ Others, like our green ones work pretty good too, when we use spoons. If we run any bait, the chrome ones seem to work fairly well....
  6. Anyone have a look at Wilson Harbor lately? Wondering if we'd be able to launch from there yet......
  7. I have a 21' Trophy, and I'd like to put a hardtop on it before the spring season begins, next year. I've been doing some searching around on the internet, and there's a company called "Atlantic Towers" that you may want to take a look at........ If you're handy, you can order one, and do the instal yourself, and save some money....
  8. Last year, I bought my 2011 Trophy 2152, and I absolutely love it! It was a "leftover", and I got a great price from my local dealer. We have been out in some pretty snotty weather with it, on both Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario, and I've been quite impressed by how it takes on the waves. Very safe boat, and it trailers like a dream, (I use my F-150 to tow with). There's plenty of room aboard for 4-5 people to fish/ relax all day, and not step all over each other. It has an 85 gallon fuel tank, and believe it or not, I only need to put about 50 bucks worth of fuel in per weekend trip, which, due to it being easy to trailer around, I can go get the 91 octane non-ethanol fuel at Noco, for alot cheaper than having to buy marina fuel - (BIG SAVINGS over the course of the sseason). Check into Trophys..... You may be impressed.
  9. I took my own advice, and called for an inspection. The Coast Guard Auxillery inspector will be here, in my driveway, around 5pm today. If you are in the Erie / Niagara County area, give the guy a call : (716) 704-0546. Ask for Paul.
  10. Last year, I had the Coast Guard Auxillery come and inspect my boat, while it was trailered, in my driveway, and yes, he did take note of the oar, as well as my "bailing device", (which on my boat is just a 5-gal bucket). We got us a "Good boy" sticker, and weren't bothered after that. I plan to have them come over again soon for another inspection. It only took the guy a half-hour or so, and didn't interupt a day of fishing. I'd suggest you call your closest CG Auxillery Squadron, and have your boat inspected at home. It gives you the opportunity to fix what needs fixing, and present your boat nice & clean, as well as organized.....
  11. We were thinking of going out for Perch this weekend, out on Lake Erie. We launch out of the Small Boat Harbor. Anyone know the best times & places where we might have some luck? What's the best depths to try? I'm planning on getting some Golden Shiners for bait. Are the Perch hitting them? Has anyone had any luck with those "GULP" (Emerald Shiners) bait? Thanks.
  12. Glad I got mine when I did! I did notice that there were a few Cobias parked in the Trophy area, at my local dealer.....
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