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  1. Watched the first webinar the other night on wire lining for stripers. Very good info. Can't wait for one one walleye.
  2. Thanks for the info Justin, as it is alet down to here they quit stocking otisco, it is good to here they want many lakes with the success as otisco has had. I like the idea of fishing different lakes to sharpen our skills as walleye fishermen. Hope to see you on the water soon..
  3. Would also like to thank Justin for a great get together. Fishing was tough but meeting everyone made the day very enjoyable. bulletny
  4. Justin, Would like to join your walleye get together. I have met you afew times at launch, have a small14' boat. See you on the 18th. bulletny
  5. I don't believe you have your slide divers set up right. the arm should be on top to snap out of holder. Been using slide divers for awhile now for walleye and never have had this problem. Hope you understand what Im explaining
  6. Joe W, Been using synthetic oil in everything I own for about 12 years now. It will not hurt an engine to mix synthetic with conventional oil but naturally you wont get the full effect of synthetic until your running all synthetic. Better fuel mileage, better idling and you will find if you run injector system you won't use as much oil. Also use it in lower unit. Hope this helps
  7. Was up last weekend and actually caught more northerns at tail end of black river bay, did catch 4 in Chaumont bay and a few small mouths. Caught 2 walleye on shoal along point of peninsula at mouth to black river bay. Caught all trolling.
  8. Great time to catch northern pike and an ocassional walleye. The whole month of October is good especially fishing the shoals of chaumont
  9. Kevin, was planning on hitting the calf island shoals and galloo shoals this weekend for walleye have you heard of any good reports or maybe I should head to charity shoals instaed? Thanks for all the good reports!
  10. Was at Bass Pro in Auburn Today and Berkley had a tent set up selling the long awaited Flicker Minnow.They also have them in Bass Pro.If you bought $25 worth of merchandise you got a free tee shirt. So naturally I had to load up on the Flicker Minnows to try out. Any one else get a chance to use these yet?Gonna be headed to Lake Ontario next weekend so will give them a shot. will post results if they live up to all the hype.
  11. BrokeOff,I think the bottom picture of longline is your problem. It seems maybe your new weight you changed to is too heavy and making the diver stand vertical in water pulling line across edge of diver. Sure you have same size diver as others? I take it your using #1 size diver & is the spring the line goes through long enough to get correct bend to pull diver at correct angle. Hope this helps.
  12. yes same here with colors, silver-blue and all silver did the trick.
  13. Hookem & Cookem, Did You Happen to notice all the perch fry in there stomach. We fished today also and our livewell was full of them being spit out. some of them only 2- 3 inches long.
  14. Chas0218, try Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail. The entire Lake plus tributaries up to first impassable barrier is the bounderies.
  15. ducks517, Will be fishing it, great tournament. Ben fishing with Karl for a number of years and always have a good time. Be glad to meet you there. Bob Haskell
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