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  1. Shoulder surgery and bow hunting

    I had that exact same surgery along with a Bicept decompression. I had the surgery in may and shot an 8 point buck in october with the bow in 2010. It wasnt easy but i was determined to make it work. Maybe you should get a second opinion, my surgeon was also a bow hunter and he promised me i would be ready for bow season, he kept his promise. Now my problem is that i amputated 2 fingures on my right hand and had them reattached october 14 2016 and missed my whole deer season. Going through lots of physical therapy and more surgery at the end of february and just hope to be ready april 1st for striper season. Just have to hang in there and hope for the best. Good luck and hope it all works out for you !!
  2. Navionics advise

    Fished from april !st right into the 1st week of june from cornwall to poughkeepsie with excellent results.
  3. Navionics advise

    Great advise from all u guys..... Thank you.. spoke to a rep from navionics today and got the info i needed.
  4. Navionics advise

    Hey guys, Hoping someone could give me some advice on navionics chips. I am considering buying a chartplotter for my boat and need it to show depth cartagraphy for the east coast hudson river for striper fishing. some chart plotters come preloaded with navionics gold north america and others have navionics plus. Was wondering which of these would do the job ? or both ? Thank you for any advice .
  5. Weathertech floormats out of my 2011 f150 super crew cab. Fronts and over the hump rear. Only 6 months old, Will fit 2011- 2013 f150 trucks. Sold truck and will not fit my new one. New cost 250.00. Will sell for the great price of 100.00. Text Joe at 845-527-5077
  6. Keeping a crossbow cocked?

    Safety of course is always #1 and should have been taught before u even own a weapon of any kind. After that should not have to be disscussed anymore.Then u hunt safe and do whatever u have to in order to get your harvest.
  7. Keeping a crossbow cocked?

    An old timer taught me years ago never walk into the woods with the gun unloaded because alot of the time as you walk in you might get a shot at a trophy buck. the same is true with a crossbow because they shoot like a rifle. I unload everything once out if the woods.
  8. Cape Cod Sea Bass

    Very nice, your lucky like i am, i Just got my wife introduced into striper fishing this year and now cant get to leave the house without her anymore. Shes hooked for sure. Yesterday afternoon we got into em so heavily that now she says her arms are sore from fighting so many fish. Good for us !!! that is deffinetly the preferred crew to have aboard..
  9. Kicker fuel line

    Three way valve works best because if a chek vavle gets stuck and fails u wouldnt know what the problem is.
  10. Any itroll users out there

    I am a itroll user and it is the best on the market. Before u buy the hunt mode just buy the itroll and try it. It gives u 50 trials of hunt mode when u buy the unit. after that u can order the hunt mode combination to unlock it forever. 50 trials is alot of fishing trips. by then u should know whether u like it or not.
  11. do u have a # where i could call you to talk about this. I am very interested Thanks Joe.. Or u could call me @ 845-527-5077
  12. new to planer boards

    Thats great, thanks for the information guys, i will look at the otter boards for sure. dont mind spending the money as long as its a good product. dont care to fish with junk.
  13. Not having any experience with planer boards i am looking for advice. i am considdering purchasing a big jon double reel mast and using the bow floor flange to mount it and want to buy a pair of boards. does churchs make a mast cable board or do they only offer inline boards? if so what is the model # reccomended to be best.
  14. Raymarine rc425 chartplotter with navionics chip of lake ontario and hudson river good condition, must sell 175.00 or BO photos available upon request by text. I can be reached at 845-527-5077 Joe