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  1. Did you launch at Golden Hills? Man that little channel can be scarey..hey nice evening ride!! Pretty quiet up there till a reel takes off
  2. Spoons in there with any bright green combo...can't keep the little LL off em.
  3. got the spark plug tester, no spark at all between the plugs and coils. Tried disconnecting both wires for the kill switches too, one red button on the tiller handel one on the motor a toggle. These were grounded to a screw next to the switch box, I just pulled the grounds off and taped them over? still no spark.. ..gonna take a stab at the switch box and coils when the funds are available. switch box= 120 + 2 coils ..30+30..hope this nails it
  4. lol gotcha... looks like a bad wound that is infected
  5. The replies are awesome!! Thanks for the help here. I am not in a hurry to get it on the water but if the merc fires I might be I am starting my own diagnostic on it, I'll post up a few pics of the motor cover off soon..new account here , I need to link up the droid to my posts so much easier. -Chris
  6. am very suspect of both kill switches...sitting out for a few winters is deadly..SHE AINT SITTING OUT ANYMORE My next project rig, the 16 is gone now . .this 14 Smoker is sweet!! I have the serial ; 0G080512?? I appreciate the help here,
  7. whoa Chuck, nice fish, never seen that or any markings on hemlock lakers..
  8. Hi Guys, Any direction on a good mechanic to get my newly acquired 9.9 mercury going? I believe it needs ignition parts, it sat outside for 2 years covered but will not fire. I was gonna try new coils in it to see if that helps, not seeing any spark inside the plug boots when turning. Just tired of troubleshooting I need it running. I am almost positive it is a 1994 9.9 sailmaster...2 stroke Thanks for any help!!
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