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  1. Hey nice buck for a first. !! The honey do list can wait when the rut kicks in buddy!! Nice job!!
  2. Go sit in that stand. . Really nice buck!! I like seeing the posts as I have not been able to get a chance to get out there.
  3. Saturday evening my daughter and I watched a big 6 or 8 pt cruise the edge of a corn.lot off 390 in Rush. He was scrape checking at last light.Its gettin there always gets good right at Halloween and 10 days after that.
  4. Hey nice buck !! Sweeet deal to you both. My daughter and I are doing the hunter safety training session this weekend. Can't wait to get her out she is anxious to get hunting too.
  5. Wow tree rubs already!! Sign of a good acorn year my woods is absolutely chugged up with acorns this year.
  6. Wow nice trip !! So these are kings that did not stage just younger salmon still growing up in the lake?
  7. Yes for sure . I hunt in unit 9P. Found 2 last Saturday hangin a new stand in the pouring rain and lightning. Not tore up yet but pawing around they do this often not just in fall. I am hunting tomorrow all afternoon with the old browning. Got some small game tips the squirrels are just swarming a couple of my stands gonna be warm....get out there and hunt the tree rats a great tune up Good luck to all this year!!
  8. Wow nice buck!!! What a story so that extra 10 feet..sweeeet move
  9. Hey great story and a nice buck!!! Sweeet deal.
  10. Beautiful!!! Nice job getting that old one back!! What a fish!!
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