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  1. That's a banner troll in there for August Chuck!! Nice!!!
  2. Hey Ed nice brown. Love the reports man keep us up on Seneca..miss that big pond for sure
  3. What happened What happened. . I am reading your reports and mowing the lawn...blaaah
  4. Wow nice eye. Yes easy to see where and where I wonder how many can be left in there then of they were stocked at one time and are not reproducing? We are seeing regular posts out ta Hemlock for these giants or have heard of them coming out ta there. Pretty cool to see
  5. I fish alone often,love the challenge of this,much like bow hunting. but really i like company also...my son is by far the best . I could not believe how well he reeled in and landed his first king last summer. Toughest part for me alone is netting the bigger fish. I dropped my best finger lakes net ever in lake o last summer trying to net a big king.Man I miss that net just a perfect laker net.
  6. Wow really nice browns!! Looks like you got that program covered:-)
  7. Beautiful Pete, the big lake will get a hold of you...the lakers look strong!!
  8. Sean the bows are just sweeet . Nice man
  9. Really nice job with little time kickin it man..awesome
  10. Great report Pete. A tremendous fishery up there! I also experimented up there and loved it. The excitement of fresh water to explore and the fish are so fat and strong. I found them more energetic pound for pound than the finger lakes fish. Good luck !!! The more trips you make the less intimidating it becomes. Good luck
  11. That's a nice 16 foot boat! They can boat big fish too!! Beautiful King , gotta hang that one enjoy this LOC or not sweeeet 28 my biggest so far
  12. Just some beautiful bows there Chuck .!! I was at the south end with my daughter Rebecca at the same time 12-3 really hot no wind man we jammed the smoker into the shade under some trees and casted for sunnies and small bass . Eagles everywhere too
  13. All the areas we fished were clean. We were down close to the creek and all looked good nothing floating. Hemlock looked very stained for July at least to 2 miles or so moving north. A ton of carp everywhere
  14. Nice run through there! That copper / torpedo rig made my tin can 16 a salmon catching rig last summer. Great pics thanks for the post!!
  15. Love to troll in there .good to hear on the trout! I have seen eagles in 2 trips we r at the south end mostly where they seem to be.
  16. Went bassin, believe this ..really had a great time with my cousin Kevin. We tossed Kevin's homemade lures did 4 bass legal both shorelines from 530-10. Several small ones , water very stained up,gotta be all the run off. Very quiet a few boats but just a Hemlock morning!! what a great fishery, saw the eagle too ...truely God's country out there. Can't wait to get the 9.9 runnin and get after the trout
  17. I am not new to this board. Formerly trouthunter988 I discontinued my old email account so rejoined with a new gmail. I love this board!! My name is Chris and I live in Avon with my beautiful wife Noella.and son Brian in NY National Guard .daughter Rebecca in 7th grade this fall. We hunt and fish when ever we can all of us Mom doesn't hunt but even Rebecca is stalking squirrels with her single shot 22 already and ready for a bow she says on her next birthday this Sept 11..she will be 12. I work at CooperVision as a Coordinator in the International Department ..awesome group of folks great boss no complaints..truly blessed with a good job and nice digs here in Avon...any who on the fishing side..The smoker 16 is sold now too clunky and too small for big O right. I have in the meantime been fortunate to buy my cousins 14 smoker really solid boat but need some TLC keeps me busy on the weekends fixen her up nice 9.9 merc on her ..when I get done with this 14 it will be a fishing machine as good or better than the 16 was..can't wait to slip back out on Hemlock at 4 am...Hey good.luck all..be safe ..have fun we are truly blessed to have all NY offers as a fishery..Chris
  18. Ditto nice down there fished it last year father's day with my son. Graph was loaded in 70fow south end...just go
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