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  1. Hey nice buck for a first. !! The honey do list can wait when the rut kicks in buddy!! Nice job!!
  2. Go sit in that stand. . Really nice buck!! I like seeing the posts as I have not been able to get a chance to get out there.
  3. Saturday evening my daughter and I watched a big 6 or 8 pt cruise the edge of a corn.lot off 390 in Rush. He was scrape checking at last light.Its gettin there always gets good right at Halloween and 10 days after that.
  4. Hey nice buck !! Sweeet deal to you both. My daughter and I are doing the hunter safety training session this weekend. Can't wait to get her out she is anxious to get hunting too.
  5. Wow tree rubs already!! Sign of a good acorn year my woods is absolutely chugged up with acorns this year.
  6. Wow nice trip !! So these are kings that did not stage just younger salmon still growing up in the lake?
  7. Yes for sure . I hunt in unit 9P. Found 2 last Saturday hangin a new stand in the pouring rain and lightning. Not tore up yet but pawing around they do this often not just in fall. I am hunting tomorrow all afternoon with the old browning. Got some small game tips the squirrels are just swarming a couple of my stands gonna be warm....get out there and hunt the tree rats a great tune up Good luck to all this year!!
  8. Wow nice buck!!! What a story so that extra 10 feet..sweeeet move
  9. Hey great story and a nice buck!!! Sweeet deal.
  10. Beautiful!!! Nice job getting that old one back!! What a fish!!
  11. Lol I am sure there are big fish being caught on Cayuga...just too quiet in here right now
  12. Way to gut it up . Never got up there this summer . Get out their if you can.
  13. No doubt would work dipsey diver even on braid would be good. You need to get much deeper than just flat out the back..50-70 down i would think. At least that depth zone that I always go for in there seems to work. I used to pull braided dipseys out of a little dink 12ft nymph in therein 90fow. Turned them on a 3 setting 175 feet of braid out...lakers will come
  14. Met Ted a couple of weeks ago. Good guy stop in . He is hoping to get set up at Bobs old spot before ice up. The bass in Hemlock like his minnows
  15. The fish aren't going anywhere ... what I tell all my buddies. my daughter and I are head in for the squirrel woods while the merc is getting fixed
  16. Back in the 80s my buddy ran evil eyes all the time. The black n purple was deadly. I remember pulling dipsey rigs with 30 lbs mono too...no fun
  17. Dean's will work. I saw kayakers in there last summer . It gets deep relatively fast straight out ta the cove If you can score a line counter reel it may help you gauge your depth. Definitely jigging best bet I agree.
  18. Amazing.. Now that is a solo trip. So you paddle along to troll? And this is possible with even a dipsey diver?...wow
  19. Hey. Great solo !!! I love going solo what a challenge!! awesome report!!! Congrats on the big guy too
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