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mark p

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  1. I woukd buy your old ones,,,, If you want to sell
  2. I have the exact same ones, not being used and will sell. Unless you wanna sell the mounts ... located in Niagara Falls And mine have 3 rod holders
  3. Portable fishfinder, New in box. Never used. Hundred dollars.
  4. can anybody please give me some info on perch fishing. i will be traveling 2hours and launching at s lake state park or traveling to sampson .. any info would be apperciated .. been a loNg time since i been to SENECA .. again thank you LOCALS ......
  5. any perch or bass reports out there
  6. wheres the perch ,,this time of year
  7. mark p

    seneca perch

    any recent info on the perch fishing would be great ... thanks ....
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