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  1. I have the Lawrence and it's all about getting your settings dialed in such as surface chatter and your sensitivity and grayline
  2. Any recent reports of Oswego anyone fishing it today will be out there tomorrow any info on temps and how deep would be helpful
  3. We marked a lot of bait in 80-100 fow and hooks good temps around 60 ft trolled from lodi to Sampson and back down the west side only managed 3 small Lakers definitely lock jaw
  4. Lots of bait stacked in 90 ft south of long point on west side good screens and lots of hooks around bait just no takers
  5. Very slow and bumpy 3 Lakers this morning trolled lodi to Sampson
  6. We took most of our Lakers on orange sat. On Seneca was the best flt. crush orange ladderback not sure of the specific name
  7. Nice I almost broke out the cowbells but we never fished deeper than 70 over 125 -150 fow 45-48 degrees 50 down rainbow was spitting up saw bellies
  8. Nice I almost broke out the cowbells but we never fished deeper than 70 over 125 -150 fow 45-48 degrees 50 down
  9. Trolled around severne today good temps and screen 45-50 ft caught 10 Lakers 4 land locks 1 rainbow all off spoons ran 2 flashers all morning couldn't get one to fire all morning 10 colors off board took most fish today 2.2 down speed north troll over 125 ft .
  10. Birds were working a bait pod sat. In front of the salt plant not sure what they were tho
  11. Four Seasons in Newfield has some stuff
  12. Normally any north wind over 10 is getting quite rough from my experiences anything over that is not fun
  13. That's very rough more than likely un fishable my guess is 5-6 ft waves
  14. Looks like a brown to me looks like the maxillary extends way past eye and the bronze color and a square ended tail I may be wrong just throwing it out there.
  15. Nope my merc. Has one as well I just tilt it all way back so it sticks out behind boat parallel with motor
  16. Daylight wasn't bad and a west wind made the west side nice and calm
  17. 4 nice fish today including this beautiful male brown
  18. Yes they were anchored at south end all morning the wind blew them off quick tho in their tin cans Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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