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  1. If you don't choose rimfire, get one anyways. In NY you can not use a centerfire rifle for varmints during ANY open deer season. So from Oct 1- dec 19 or so, you have to use a rimfire or shot gun only. A 17 HMR will drop a yote with a well placed shot. Under 50 yrds a heart lung shot will down him, but he will run and blood may be hard to spot. I go for the neck or head always with the 17. With right scope, very accurate out to 150 and even 200. 3 in drift at 100 with 10mph cross breeze. Also keep barrel clean, fouling will affect accuracy, and fouling starts quickly with a rimfire. 20grn hollow point the best. remember fox when skinned are as skinny as a small cat, shoot slightly higher then center body. I agree that for fox, 17, 22 mag or shotgun. They usually come right in for close shots and anything bigger will make a large hole. Never tried a FMJ with larger cal, but if you hit shoulder or back bone I think it will make somewhat of a mess out of the fur.

  2. If you don't like snubbers, here's a little trick I read about concerning rigging loss due to salmon slams on dipsey set ups. Set diver to desired depth, put a #15 rubberband on the wire just ahead of reel(one end of band slid through loop on other end) . Loop other end of band to reel handle. This allows you to loosen the drag on reel.Slowly loosen the drag untill the band starts to stretch, test elasticity of band first, so you will know the braking point. With a diver out deep and with salmon speeds for trolling, there is way to much tension on the line which requires a heavy drag setting to keep the line from pulling out. Hence, salmon wacks the already way too tight drag and you loose rig and possibly pole and will probably rip the hook through his lip. With the rubber band you can loosen the drag to about 3-4 lbs which should be plenty to set a hook on a pig king. I haven't tried this yet but it sounds logical to me.

  3. Worm harnesses on botoom bouncers in the middle, unfortunately you will pick up a lot of panfish also, but they can be huge. another method is lead core on a short rod on the bottom with a 5 ft leader of 10 lb and a floating rapala. You can attach a small weight at end of the leadcore to help it get down quicker, using less line. Use a jerking motion, like jigging. Any change in tension felt, set hook hard. Can also hand fish the same method. This will eliminate most panfish interference. Drifting the bottom with large shiners is effective also for eyes and bass.

  4. I don't have much luck with midrange fish either. I check out bigfoot charter's journal on line and he seems to get them early am only then goes deep. He doesn't give too much detail. He rarely catches any bows or browns, just lots of lakers. Check him out. I'm on the east side by the olney place store, maybe we can hook up sometime and combine ideas.

  5. With riggers, I always run a lake rig or cowbells off the ball. then set the suttons 4-6 feet behind the attractors. This time of year fish about 10-20 ft off the bottom in 100 early morning then start moving out at 10 ft increments every hour after 7:30, fish 5-10 ft off bottom. Fishing gets slow late morning till late afternoon. I like to troll the edge of the shadow cast by the west side hill(either branch)from 4 till sundown. I'm fishing the east branch 2 mi south of viking. Note to trolling speed, slow it down to 1-1.5 mph for lakers. They are generally bottom feeders and lazy.

  6. i was down there 4th of July week, lots of fleas and some weeds in am in the middle after a calm night. Should be illegal for people to rake seaweed in front of their place. Anyways, I'm going down for a week Aug 4th. I have pretty good luck for lakers. Go out pretty much every morning. I can update you from there. 

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