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  1. Not hunting in the morning rain ,,,, may try afternoon
  2. Hunted 8g this morning saw two doe and one dog...then stopped home grabbed the 30/30 and headed to 8r hunted the afternoon tracks all over not a one ,, I hate gun season too...
  3. Nice deer Dan bet that felt good congratulations
  4. Rob my old man used to say the deer go to the caves DEER CAVES the good lord opens these holes up in the ground opening morning at 5 am and all the deer run in the caves , closes and reopen the last day of gun ... I believe him , and miss my hunting partner bad ... bring on late season
  5. Had a exciting hunt this morning in the thick stuff ... had two grunting snorting bucks no more than 20 yards from me tending a doe, never crossed my shooting lane . And yes never saw them.... be back in the morning,,
  6. Back At it also ,after a much needed break from gun season...lots of heavy sign in the thick stuff ..good luck men!!
  7. Wamo wamo till your out of ammo...quiet here in 8r heard one shot last night at 5:41pm ....have seen two squirrels that’s it boy oh boy I love gun season......
  8. Just got to camp warming up cabin saw two doe right at the field just like late season one bonus the beer didn’t freeze but everything else did looking forward to a nice still hunt till dark windy and will be a quiet stalk good luck boys !!!!!
  9. I remember those days like today at your place WHY????
  10. I’m working till 3 then going to bust out behind my house for the last hr see if I can walk up on one with the muzzleloader hope you get him Matt
  11. Wow some giants hit the ground this opener ! Congratulations.. Prattsburg report ,a fresh 15 inches on the ground made it a hard hunt, deer slid into survival mode staying on the plowed fields and hiding under the pines saw one spike opening day after 9 hrs in the tree one of the guys close to the road lost a nice buck, Sunday I walked around 100 plus acres in all this snow had the chance at a few doe , why ? Couldn’t drag them anywhere......if I wanted to ..woke up to more snow this morning, goin to pack up bust out of here hopefully make it to the hard road , hunt 8 a where’s there’s less snow, live to hunt camp another day ...
  12. After asking my kid to find this thread I have arrived! Nice to see al my friends that disappeared once their boats got hauled and winterized and tucked away for the long cold days ahead,,, after getting a nice body freezer buck last Sunday, and thinking last year this very day I was still in icu fighting for my life ,,, what a difference a year makes !! 14 plus inches of heavy snow here in prattsburg!! Good luck to all you guys tomorrow. Love you guys ! Tommy B
  13. Thank you to all my friends family and customers near and far .This event was life changing for me ,I love you all for the support donations and lending hands it was great to be a part of such a great thing... even if i was the brunt of it,, i could not do this wo all of you in my corner as jerry said its a great thing ,the way the fishing community Sandy creek to the oak and to sodus came together.. thanks again Tommy. come see me anytime at EastFork and sit at the picnic table and enjoy LIFE.....if i can answer any tech questions or you need a job done in a pinch call me 964-2694 or 737-8499
  14. Wow thats my old boat!!!! The Evil Eye...my Dad bought her new in 92 from Arneys marina in sodus n.y. My name is Tom Barbera 585-737-8499 or [email protected] I am very interested in the boat please call text or email me at your earliest.. Thanks Tom
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