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  1. I was told by several people that they lost theirs. Thought they said due to some cable twisting. Must be the downrigger cable.
  2. Thanks for the info! Just nervous about loosing a $600 probe!
  3. I am considering buying a fish hawk downrigger temp speed sensor but I have heard many stories of them getting lost due to cable twist and other factors. Is their a way to secure it better so it won't come off?
  4. Why not just run 50lb mono? I have not used wire yet.
  5. Another question on this topic. I have tried using flashers several times and i end up with a mess of tangled line every time. I was using 30 pound between flasher and fly. Is this happening because I need a heavier test line?
  6. When you guys say "paddle" are you referring to a spin doctor or just a large flasher. Also for the line between "paddle" and fly is fluorocarbon needed for salmon? always thought they were not very line shy! Also what are some hot fly paddle color combos?
  7. Thanks everyone for your awesome suggestions. Looks like I will be booking a charter soon. In the meantime will get my rods rigged for browns and steelhead now. Have 30 pound flea flicker on now and will run a fluorocarbon leader of 12 pounds off of that and run spoons and plugs on top. Early season is much easier. How long is reccomended for a leader. I was gonna do a 10 foot leader with a small swivel.
  8. Years ago my father and I had the same results with just our depth finder and spoons. But the last maybe 5 years we have not been catching much. Went with my wife 3 times and she has no interest now because we didn't have a release. This was last summer. People keep telling what to buy but i don't wanna spend lots of money and have the same results. In my mind I keep going back to "we never had this years ago".
  9. I want to catch more kings this summer and have been told all I need is a temp and speed sensor for my downrigger and some atomik flies in basic colors like green and white. What brand of sensor is recommended and what are some other good combinations of flies and spin doctors to use.
  10. Thanks everyone for the great info! Tried it again a couple of weeks ago. Ran 6 lines, 5 riggers one dipsy. Had lines from 40 down to 90. Trolled for 4 hours with nothing. Tried different speeds marked a ton if fish but nothing. Changed spoons several times. Added about 30 foot leaders to my 30lb flea flicker line using 14lb mono with a blood knot as well. I will keep not give up.
  11. It seems like catching trout and salmon on lake ontario was much easier around 10 years ago. We would simply put out some nk mags and slam the salmon. Didnt even have a fish finder. I am trying to get serious again about this type of fishing and it seems like things have changed and its not as easy as it used to be. Anyone have ideas why this is so? Maybe they dont stock as much as they used to. Also some general questions on how to run my lines, currently I have flea flicker and everything tied direct to swivels and no leader (this is how I used to do it but it was 14lb mono, before fleas). Is this wrong? I here a lot of talk about florocarbon leaders, and should I tie my spoons direct and skip the swivel? I also tried running dodgers and flashers with a fly and it doesnt seem to matter what type of swivels I use I always end up with a tangled mess to the point that I have given up using them for now. Any ideas would help, burning up lots of fuel with no fish!
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