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  1. I have 2 crank proos explorer dowriggers with deck plates included. In good condition. $200 firm. If interested I will text you pics.
  2. Thanks to everyone! Great info! Carbon 14 is that a finger lakes spoon?
  3. U mean color my rigger balls with that combo? And I didn't know braided rigger line existed! Thanks
  4. Yah I have that happen a lot with no strikes. Cool to watch on the ff but a little frustrating.
  5. Most of us would say it's been a slow year for kings, but there are always those that seem to out produce most other fisherman when targeting kings. Obviously finding them is the first part. Any suggestions with that would be great. Tackle suggestions. It may be something like when it's slow but your marking kings use a 30 inch leader between ff and use a bigger board. I am sure some tricks exist that I have not yet tried. Any suggestions will help me learn faster and get more kings in the box! Thanks!
  6. I don't know about lunker lure and I am not sure what others are doing but I am gonna get some alewifes and try it on a regular basis and keep track of my results.
  7. Does it work well most of the time
  8. I am sure this topic has been on hear before. Out fishing the other day and snagged an alewife. Ripped into this guy and basically smeared my nk mag with it. 10 min later king on. This has got me thinking I should do this on a regular basis. I am wondering if anyone does this or has tried it before?
  9. Can I buy whole alewifes and if so where?
  10. Would be keeping it in a small bay
  11. Ok what about the bottom? Do I have to treat it or get it done with antifowling paint?
  12. I have to try meat have never used it. King bite was ff and steelhead were on stinger.
  13. I want to dock an aluminum boat for the season what do I need to do to the hull?
  14. Started in 680 in my little dingy and we were being knocked around pretty good but gave her hell. After the first hour with only 1 hit on a slider we were starting to think we wasted our time running out when the 95 rigger fired. Nice king 23lb. After that it was slow but consistent. Boated amother small king and a steelhead. Ended up 3 for 7 losing many. The last fish was on the last line in the water and it fired with a big steelhead. After taking line amd jumping a few times it was gone. Fun day but still slow.
  15. Found a 26ft!!! I just might buy it. It's sweeeeeet!!
  16. Can you post a ton more pictures please
  17. I will check on what I need to do for that. Another question. As I mentioned I am going to dock it for the season. I live 15 min from where I would be docked. Can I pull it with a 4 cylinder Toyota Tacoma?
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