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  1. I actually have to double check. I really don't know when he is getting them in. hope it's before next weekend. gonna talk with norm this week and see.
  2. thanks. always something to tweak! lol
  3. so the stuff that comes on the reel isn't good for copper/lead core? and I will measure my knot configuration and see what I have got. I know i did it differently then the instructions per another guy.
  4. the line that came with the reels from big Jon
  5. otterboat keels currently I have double keels with only one weighted. pulls line well except for copper. should I add another full weight or half weight?
  6. I don't wanna pull it each time I fish. I rent a slip.
  7. getting her in early wanna get my boat into its slip soon but it's a i/o so I am concerned with freezing. don't have a shore power option. does anyone have any ideas. has to be something I can do. any ideas would be great. thanks!
  8. islander canvas I have a 95 islander and would like to get some canvas made that will go from the hardtop after and cover the back section. I don't know what this type of cover is called but I am wondering if anyone may know of a place online where I could just buy one and it would be less costly then going to my local canvas guy. seems like they made a lot of these boats and it may be a "part" that I could buy.
  9. Simrad tells me that they tested everything together and that the computer, control unit and compass were all damaged by an eletrical issue. A short they called it. This seems unlikely that all 3 were damaged but guess we will see if it works in the spring. Not sure what could have caused this issue. I did have an alternator problem where it was putting out more power than it should but there are things along the way that should keep extra power from getting to the system like fuses, etc. any suggestions would be great. Oh andear the great people at simrad neglected to send me back the wires and components I sent back with everything else. Again spectacular service. These guys service lowrance hope I don't have any problems there.
  10. yes it seems likely. we will see come spring and if it's still not working i guess I will call in am expert.
  11. thanks. yes I have done most of the above. also it's an ac12. it's so frustrating that the company didn't tell me whats wrong. they sent me a new computer, compass and control head. it's very unlikely that all 3 were bad.
  12. on the backbone I will try different locations to plug into. I did try this previously but maybe I should move my terminating plug as well. I thought it was a power or wiring issue so I returminated my battery, put a new battery on, tested voltage and resistance. this is all after it worked perfectly for over 3 months. still no go.
  13. it gives a no autopilot computer error. I am now on my 3rd computer. won't know if it work until spring.
  14. hank? can I have his info. if it still doesn't work I will just have him take care of it. fishing with it is a whole new world. it's awesome!
  15. I gotta vent a little about what I have been going through. Back in May I installed a simrad ap24 on my islander. It worked great until a trip in mid August when it stopped working. The customer service is terrible at simrad. When I did the initial setup up I had some difficulty. I admit I am not thevl sharpest knife in the drawer. I called them with questions and first off it took up to 2 hours to speak with someone. I would ask them to stay on the line for a few minutes while I tried what they suggested and they would say no because there are others waiting to get help. This happened several times during my initial setup which took me several calls. I finally started telling them, look i spent over 2grand on this thing give me 10 min of your time. Mid August when it stopped working after many calls they had me return the autopilot computer. they replaced this free of charge. The system still didn't work. After multiple calls to tech support and testing everything possible and still finding no solution I sent back to entire system. I called 4 times asking if there could be a dialog between myself and the testing facility. I was assured this was no problem. I specifically told them not to just send me me comments because of the testing in have done. What happened they sent me some new components and didn't send back some associated wires etc that are needed to run thexclusive system. I don't think they test anything. I would not go with simrad simply because of the poor service.
  16. No fish today we tried a little of everything today from 15ft out to 450. Didn't move a rod. Figured we would get a few browns if nothing else. The shipping channel may have been better for some bows at least. Screens were barren. Oh well gonna pull the boat this week and wait until next season. Good luck to those still fishing.
  17. iso anyone still fishing? if so what are you catching?
  18. ok thanks and also yes I use the stops and they stop at the waterline and still lots of bounce. It may come down to me just being a worrier.
  19. Currently I have traxtech tracks on each side with each rigger on a riser. It's necessary for them to be on a riser in order to swivel and clear a the edge on the side of the islander. Each track is supported underneath with plates. Guess my biggest worry is the base cracking. I do see that cannon sells stainless bases. That is an option or for probably the same total price of doing all 3 riggers or a small amount more I could use a heavy aluminum or steal rail/riser and remove a large amount of the bounce. It would also give me a few more inches of height on those choppy days. Anyone no where I can get risers? Maybe they call them something else.
  20. on an aluminum boat I am assuming? should I change out to a heavy duty base? I believe they sell them.
  21. I have an islander with 3 Cannon stx riggers. They are super fast. When they stop at the top they bounce. To me it bounces a lot. I am curious as to anyone's experience here because I am concerned about possibly losing a downrigger. Maybe I am just paranoid. This is my first year with the set up and I am considering an aluminum or steel railing to mount riggers and rod holders to for extra support. I know more is probably better but I would prefer to forgo the expense. Any advise or ideas would be appreciated.
  22. and 3.0 liter v6. mercury and merc out drive as well.
  23. selling my older trolling boat because I did a serious upgrade last fall. it's a 19 ft starcraft medalist set up to fish. boat comes with canvas top, 2 or 4 crank down riggers. Lawrence Fish finder/gps, and rod holders. Great started boat. boat needs work but great for a do it yourselfer. it needs universal gear and new motor mount so selling well below value. 1800 obo. I do not know how to get pics on here. if interested i can text them over. other then the needed repairs it's in great condition for the age.
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