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  1. went outta Hughes fished mostly between sodus and bluff closest to Hughes from 140 to 190, best screens and action 160. did 6 kings and 2 Lakers. was mostly flasher fly with a few hook ups on nbk spoon. Not much of a pattern except for green or greenish sd or protroll. sd white uv with proam fly took a few shots off 500 copper, most hits came on wire. ff combos that took hits mountain dew chartreuse with a big fin fly. A pro troll that I think it's called black Mirage with a black Mirage fly. Chrome to face with Stud fly.
  2. Thank you to everybody who has replied so far with your knowledge period I want to become a better fisherman without taking 30 years to do so.
  3. great thanks for the input. throwing out some hypothetical situation to see what people thoughts are. if the map was up to date the morning your fishing and you don't have any buoy temps, would you need to be concerned with current if the temps are up to date?
  4. salmon education I am always trying to learn how to find these kings. Let's say using this temp map, fishing out of pville and having no reports to go off of and you know there are kings local, where should the kings be?
  5. good luck tomorrow lineman. was out today and fished from 325 to 420. was slow went 2 for 7. found out later they had moved in to 150ish. let's see what tomorrow bring I will be out. sw wind tonight may push them back out.
  6. Most important topic Finding fish is the most important part of catching I don't think anyone could argue against that. But consistently finding them is a struggle. I believe if you have fished lake o long enough and have learned in general what the kings like (let's focus on them) then if you find them and they are hungry you will catch some if all other factors are correct we know there's a lot, down speed temp etc. Now obviously we need to be fishing an area that is in general holding kings area of concentration of course may be many miles in diameter let's say, but we know certain areas hold fish different times of the year we are most likely not gonna head out of pultneyville and put a dozen in the boat this time of year. Let's use my last trip out as an example. We fished on 5/27 in front of Wilson and found hungry fish caught a bunch and had a blast. Now I wish I could say the success was from many years of fishing, in part yes I had a good idea what to throw at them but the finding them part......really just luck and a couple good reports. Now obviously things can change over night and those fish could be in Canada. I am headed back to fish Wednesday Thursday. Weather is calling for many days in a row of sw wind from 5 to 20 knots. What will this due to those fish and fishing and general? Any salty dogs out there feel free to give some knowledge. Will those fish move with that "good water" and be miles west out deeper? If the bait has moved then would make sense that they would. In general what I am wondering is are there any general rules of thumb or guidelines one can follow to get back on the fish. I know many times I have gone back the same spot and almost nothing. What would happen if it were many days of east wind. Are the wind and currents a great place to start when trying to determine where fish may be or may have gone to? Anyone commenting please feel free to comment.
  7. sounds like a great program I would think that glow is important for running that deep. I have tried putting riggers down 200 to 250 but never have had a release. my guess is tackle selection and after about 20 min I think that's way to deep and bring them up. lol. do you use a special light to charge them all night?
  8. I am headed up Wednesday and Thursday and need a partner if you are available.
  9. no should be! lol. headed back to rochester. back there Wednesday and Thursday of the weather cooperates and my fishing partners can take off. if you know anyone available give me a heads up. wanna come Tuesday evening and fish Wednesday and Thursday.
  10. A nice guy gave me a report that it was good between 350 and 400 in front of Wilson on Friday so yesterday so set up in 350 and headed north. not long and doubled small king and a bow off 200 and 10 color. Marked spot on the gps turned around and banged another. we went back and forth in a line northwest to South East for hours banging fish the entire time. boxed by 845. most our fish came on spoons, we had ff on one rigger. it did take one king but I think was more of an attraction to the spread. We got a lot off the cheater on that rigger. We had 6 on ff. We just had it right yesterday. ended 18 for 26 mostly 8 pound average kings. We didn't really pay attention to what we were marking and just kept hitting our waypoints but looked ok from surface down to around 80. ran riggers 65, 85, 75. Divers a little slower but ran those similar depths. Don't know the name of who gave me that report but thanks made for an awesome day.
  11. hey decoy hound thanks for the gloves yesterday to clean fish and nice catch!
  12. Launched at Newfane yesterday morning about 6:30. Went about 2 miles West and setup. Best screens we had were between 150 and 170. We went 3 for 9 all steelhead. Only one hit on spoons the rest came on flashers and flies. Did not go all the way down to the bar. Most of our action was between 100 and 120. We should have went all the way to the bar but I was unfamiliar with how far to go and we wanted to get setup. Next time we will head all the way to the bar. Others we talked to who went to the bar said it was slow and had very similar catch numbers to us. Not a single hit on the downrigger it was all 200 copper and wire. We were told the day before was pretty hot another boat I talk to got 9 Kings Tuesday.
  13. ok so what's better now Wilson or olcott for kings?
  14. olcott looking for some reports from olcott. headed there Wednesday!
  15. salmon wanna take a trip for some salmon. Should I go to olcott or Wilson. Which is better now? Also what launches can i use?
  16. any fish?? wondering if it's worth the 2 hours for me?
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