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  1. To leave an islander docked for the season what do I need to do to the hull? Maybe I can just pull it a couple times a pressure wash it?
  2. I think I may buy it but the wife wants to see it!! Oh no!
  3. Twister, where can I get some channel like that and get it fabricated to what I need.
  4. I had not considered an islander in my boat search because of the weight issues being aluminum. Looked at one and like it. I think it would be economical and I don't have to get another truck to tow it. How will it handle on lake ontario. It's 22ft. Any info would be great.
  5. Thanks. Regardless of the boat I get this is a great idea
  6. People are assuming it's junk for only 3000.
  7. Lol. I have to ask because I don't know all that goes into it. Has nothing to do with what I can afford
  8. Oh can you give me some of those expenses your thinking of? I am sure I am missing many!
  9. How much fuel per hour will a penn yan pro hunter with a crusade 454 use per hour trolling?
  10. Can u lots more pictures please
  11. What will you be selling I am looking to purchase now and want to get a jump on it
  12. Hey twister hoe high is that channel that you mounted everything to. I looked at a pro hunter today and maybe I am overly cautious but they are not very deep and when it's choppy out I want that. This would solve that problem.
  13. If I get a 26ft penn yan with a 10 ft beam how many riggers 3 or 4. I am leaning towards 4. I don't like one in the chute. I was thinking one on each corner and one each side which would be the only way to run 4. Any thoughts would be great.
  14. 2 pms sent. I wanna see it tomorrow am.
  15. This wreck is in about 114. It has a blue buoy on it now. If you fish near hughes I would mark that way point and avoid it.
  16. Took a diver out today to find my probe and rigger weight that got eaten by a shipwreck in front of Hughs. Didn't find what I lost but he did find someone else's rigger weight. If you lost a weight let me know. Thought about posting this for a while but finally decided that this is the right thing to do. I would want my weight back.
  17. Survey is a must. I am looking at one in Ohio. Would be great to find one closer to rochester.
  18. Now I have to find the boat. Any one selling?
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