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  1. Can I just clean the hull good and paint it
  2. Is the paint mentioned an anti fouling paint? Or it will just help keep junk off better than wax. What type of prep is required for that paint?
  3. Getting my islander ready for the slip and need some info on hull prep. My understanding is that anti fouling is not a necessity with an aluminum hull. Can I just clean it with aluminum boat hull cleaner put several thick coats of good quality marine wax on her and be good to go.
  4. Thanks for all the info. Looks like I may have gotten lucky. Looked behind the sterring wheel and I have what I found out to be an octopus drive on the boat already!! Takes care of that, just have to send it out for a little upgrade then when I get it back basically attach a few things the unit I choose and good to go. And its gonna be a lot easier than in thought!! Can't wait to get her on the water for the first season!!
  5. Sweet I will make some called and see what I can figure out. Think I have to match up steering cables.
  6. Not sure if this is correct but I was told they are not the way to go and they don't make one compatible with my boat
  7. Looking for someone good to install an autopilot on my 22ft islander. Please pm the details if you know someone.
  8. I have 2 proos explorer downriggers for sale they are in good shape and I am asking 180 each.
  9. This is awesome I love stirring things up! Many great comments and suggestions. Ultimately I am gonna stick with what my coach, "gambler", has been teaching me. With his many years of experience and the fish he puts in the boat it's the way to go for me!
  10. I didn't think seagate would hold 500 copper. Oops. For sale: okuma solterra! Lol.
  11. This will be my first season running copper by my understanding is that it's good to stay with the same pound copper. 45 is what I am planning on going with. This narrows down my choice of reels. Whan doing some research I decided on the okuma. It was suggested that its easier to reel in 500 on solterra. When looking at gear ratio between reels it doesnt appear that the solterra is any better than the other reels that can hold 500.
  12. I have heard bad things about the drags on those tekotas
  13. What is the fastest easiest way to get that copper in? I think there is no easy way.
  14. With those features I guess it would bring in the copper a little faster.
  15. Oh my bad. Could have sworn salesman said it did. Probably my misunderstanding.
  16. Great thanks. Does that solterra have some gear system where you can reel that 500 copper in faster and easier?
  17. Which model solterra do I need for 500 copper. Also any ideas for a good rod to pair this with?
  18. Got a 95 islander and wanna an autopilot on her. It has cable steering with a hydraulic pump. I have heard simrad is the best brand so what model?
  19. I will be pulling otter boats with double keel
  20. Because I will be mounting the pulley on the hard top and there will be very little give it was suggested to me to use a spring
  21. Does anyone know if a spring can be added to the big jon rail mounted pulley?
  22. I am in need of spring loaded planer pulleys that can be rail mounted. Please let me know where I can find these or if there is a type that can have a spring easily attached.
  23. I have 2 crank proos explorer dowriggers with deck plates included. In good condition. $200 firm. If interested I will text you pics.
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