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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Rollie sent you an email with some information. I think one of the companies would be willing to champion a cause like this, great marketing and testing environment for them. Check you email and let me know what you think and if I can be of any assistance.
  3. Who is going to enforce this? Are we really going to take conservation officers off the water and out of the woods to stand at boat launches? At some point we the people need to be responsible enough to do the right thing without formal regulation. I clean my boat and trailer. Last I checked the round goby and zebra muscle didn't come from recreational boaters or fishermen. Nor did Asian carp. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. My brother has cerebral palsey and is in a wheel chair. You could put a hoyer lift on the dock to lower a person to the boat and hand carry a traditional wheel chair on onboard and lower the individual to the chair. The lift could be mounted to a dock. The lifts are manufactured with electric or hand pumps. Let me know if I can help. Former army guy with a bachelors in mechanical engineering and a handicapped brother. I have lived my life solving issues like this and listening to people say what couldn't be done. Please feel free to pm me for any assistance I can provide. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Stayed there on a layover from Korea when I was in the army. Didn't get to fish but there are some great bars. For some reason I can't remember there names though. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I did mine with two part expanding closed all foam from Jamestown distributors. You definitely want closed cell. Absolutely. I mixed both parts and then poorer in in. Be absolutely sure to block off any areas you do not want foam as it will expand and or run everywhere it can. (Trust me). I like the pourable foam much better than alternative ideas like pool. Noodles. Check out iboats forum there is a lot of conversations about this topic on there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Search: forsale custom rod holders. Looks like good stuff
  8. If you have a iPhone check out the Lake Huron Erie Ontario marine navigation app. For 5.99 it does more that my Garmin with g2 blue charts and is in the palm of you hand. Not sure if there is an app for inland waters.
  9. Hammerhead out of Wilson in early spring has served me well in the past. Jim Piano is on here under the moniker hammerhead.
  10. I restored/redid a sylvan deep v aluminum last winter. I used 3/4 Maine sealed with. 2 part epoxy and used vinyl flooring from defender. Well worth it. I thought about rhino liner but it fades over time and aesthetics were a consideration (at least for my wife). If you haven't laid your deck yet consider coating the inside with gluvit. As far as layout I have 2 manual canon downriggers with extended booms on swivel bases off each side, 2 rod holders off the back and two more north of the riggers on the gun wales. I plan to add a few more rod holders but my talent level seems limited to six rods. At least on this boat. I set up a 6hp 4stroke kicker with a control king and ez steer (this cost more than the entire rest of the project). This set up works well for kings and walleye. I added a casting platform in the bow for bass and relocated my batteries up there. I got a ton Of help from the iboats forum. Check it out there is a ton of info therein. Also happy to answer any questions I can. Tight lines.
  11. I know that tiara looks very nice. I was hoping he was able to sell her already. That's a great boat but quite a bit more than I am in for at this point in time.
  12. Hammerhead on this forum has one for sale (check classifieds on here). He ran charters on that boat with the swim platform on it. It's a great place for the cooler and is convenient to net fish off of. I fished that boat twice. Plenty of room, wide beam. Nice boat. Give him a shout he wiont bs you on of it can be removed.
  13. IMO leave them in. With that said I lost some gear and a couple rods when a 30lb king decided he didn't want to be netted on the port side and broke hard to starboard fouling the 4 other rods tripping my buddy who was fighting the fish. We got the fish in the boat. Pretty comical really!
  14. . My quest for a trophy buck was ended without the monster on the other end of the scope. The picture says it all.
  15. Nice video. Miss the season already. Interesting that most of the pics in the video were off the right side downrigger. Wonder what you had on there????????? Nice work.
  16. I havnt abandoned the ship yet. Those things are dead nuts accurate. Will see what happens with the next one.
  17. Shot a doe with the hornady sst's last week. I knew I hit the mark but she took off like a bat out of he!! Not a drop of blood, but after some tracking found her 70yds from point of impact. Entry and exits were very clean. I don't think the round ever expanded. Sounds like that might not have been an anomaly
  18. Pap- Is you transducer cable run near your battery cables? Your battery cables can enduce electromagnetic fields into you transducer cable and cause clutter on the screen. Reading your post reminds me I need to reroute my cable.
  19. My 5 yr old daughter picked a green/chrome spinner with a white/purple atomic fly. That brought the most fish for us.
  20. I think he was just saying he would reimburse for gas and/or lost wages for someone to bring him the fish. Just looking out for someone who is willing to help him out is all, at least that's the way I read it.,,,,,,,,
  21. Flooring, a baby, and according to the CL ad a move...... Sounds fishy (pun intended)
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