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  1. Pap- Is you transducer cable run near your battery cables? Your battery cables can enduce electromagnetic fields into you transducer cable and cause clutter on the screen. Reading your post reminds me I need to reroute my cable.
  2. My 5 yr old daughter picked a green/chrome spinner with a white/purple atomic fly. That brought the most fish for us.
  3. I think he was just saying he would reimburse for gas and/or lost wages for someone to bring him the fish. Just looking out for someone who is willing to help him out is all, at least that's the way I read it.,,,,,,,,
  4. Flooring, a baby, and according to the CL ad a move...... Sounds fishy (pun intended)
  5. Do you have a pair of gray and black graphics? If can you post a pic with size and price? Thanks.
  6. Fished aboard this boat last 2 springs. Solid vessel great salmon boat. Plenty of deck space.
  7. What is he asking for it? How would I get in contact with him?
  8. Do you still have the book? Very interested, where are you located? What edition is it? Condition? Thanks, Jason
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