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  1. right now for me, im having a hard time keeping dreamweaver ss spoons in the water..on fire
  2. genny has been good to me, ill try it again this yr
  3. took 2 buddies from work and was hoping for the action i had the day before. we went 5 for 5 with all the fish in the 3 to 6 lb range. just couldnt find the warmer water that we had found the day before. hot lure was perch patterns.
  4. took boat out for the 1st time this yr. went 16 for 17 with a 12lb king and 10lb brown as biggest fish. lost a bigger brown close to the boat also. it was a blast watching gf and son fight 2 different double ups. hardest fight of the day for me was throwing back all the fish..... my son wanting me to keep everyone to mount for his room...lol
  5. has any1 tried offshore angler extreme floro from bass pro?
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