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  1. If you stay in new york( onoville and north ) you need a ny and Rez license only. But heading past onoville is the st line and would require a pa one also.
  2. Talked to a guy who lives in the lake, Cuba, said this week waters going down. I have fished it 18 yrs, numbers up and down, same with rushford. Lot of shorts in both!!!!!!!!! Have seen a few good ines and two myself over the years. If I got out more I would be in the kinzua for sure(little kids) , , fish the river and the fall is best for the eye bite, sauger sticking now also. Good luck now and ice fishing! Jeff
  3. Any been to Honeoye lately? Will be there for the weekend! Wondering if the crappie are still biting and how the perch bit is. Thanks, jeff
  4. Not Whitney point but... just got the lowrance elite 4 hdi, hooks up yesterday and pretty cool. It came with the NAV GOLD chip, my little hometown lakes are Cuba and Rushford and Kinzua, those show NO contour or profile, just water. Everything else is on them though, from Silver lake heading East. Anyone know how to get those lakes? Do I need a different chip, or to download something??? Please Help.... Thanks, Jeff
  5. No boats out there at all, it was like we didnt get the memo! After a couple hours looking for them one boat came out by us, gave them a thumbs down and they went looking as well. Good luck, let me know if you find em!
  6. Where are they??? Went Sat. from 10 till 7 out of the Catt. Took a bit to calm down and make the run out. From Evangola st park to silver creek, 52-63 ft, no perch to be found. Anyone else even tried?
  7. Yeah a lot of bass shallow right now, jig and worm or plastic will do you well. Caught a lot last weekend while fishing for panfish. Back at it tomorrow
  8. AWESOME job Zack! I will be out that way in a few short weekends! Save some for me!
  9. Can you post a link to the webcam? I also am thinking about going tomorrow, just was not sure about conditions. Do you guys know how its holding up on the Penn Yan side? I would rather perch fish, its been 13 yrs since i have been to the lake and never on the ice. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Nice fish man! Thats one for the wall!
  11. I have a 60 hp 1987 evinrude motor that the wrist pin/ piston went on, they want around $1500 to fix it. Looking for something similiar to this.
  12. Very nice!!! I have a friend that just bought a house there. They have been mostly or perch fishing though.
  13. I will be at the lake from Friday through Monday, More than likely the south end, but does anyone have any pointers as to where I can get into some crappies. Are they still in shallow or heading out on the weed edges? Its looking like it could be tough with all this rain. Thanks Jeff
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