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  1. I fished Keuka a couple of weeks ago and had an experience similar to Gator's. We were looking for perch in 20-30 FOW around the points on the Branchport end and started catching trout on our sliders and hair jigs. We caught 9 lakers, one brown and a pickerel. Lots of fun on our light perch rods and 6 lb. test. I am going up tomorrow to see if the fish are still on that pattern.
  2. It's a channel cat...the small ones up to 3-4 pounds have spots, but many if not most of the bigger ones lose their spots.
  3. Clarkie


    No better tasting fish than bluegills, Joe... Your Grandpa would be proud of you !
  4. Hmmmmm... I am not a Cayuta lake fisherman..I only fished it few times years ago for panfish. However, I know quite a few people who fished Cayuta for walleyes over the last 60 years, and I honestly have never talked to ANYONE who ever caught one there. It's always the same story..." Well I HEARD they get some there, but I never caught one or saw one caught". I am sure that walleyes exist in the lake. I am also sure that there are MANY better places to fish for them.
  5. Actually, it is a hoax. The catfish was only 240 pounds, and it did not have a deer in it's stomach. It had a german shepard and a 53 pound bluegill in it... I know it's the truth because my second cousin's next door neighbor's gynecologist was present when they winched it up on the boat ramp at Keuka State Park.
  6. Good report.. It it's nice to find a place with Finger Lakes Specific gear and knowledge.. Kinda reminds of Syd Kahn's place on Market Street in Corning.. It was one of the few places you could get whiffletrees... Do any of you old farts remember whiffletrees ?
  7. That's the book. It was originally published in 1962 and then "updated" in 1975. The Addison Public Library had it in the 60s and I checked it out several times. I wonder if they still have a copy.... It was special since the information was specific to The Finger lakes...
  8. Fish however you want to fish.. I have switched to jigging myself, but I still have great memories about pulling a dacron Seth green rig by hand.. My biggest thrill on Keuka Lake was landing a 16 pound 12 oz. laker on Seth Green..I was fishing a 5 leader rig by hand right out of the box and he hit the second spoon down...I would have thought I hung bottom, but I knew I was fishing nowhere NEAR bottom.. Quite a trick, working him in totally by feel, with no mechanical drag to help me. It took me half an hour to land the fish... That was Sept 15th, 1975 and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I've taken many hundreds of lakers out of Keuka, he that fish remains my only one that weighed in double digits.
  9. Did the recent flash floods affect Honeoye as they did Keuka ? Does anybody have any info on the bluegill bite ?
  10. I was in one of those 8 or 10 boats jigging out in about 100 FOW off Hammondsport. Everyone seemed to be catching fish. I only saw 2 or 3 boats trolling..You must have been one of them. Nice catch once again, Sean..We landed 23 trout in 3 hours of jigging, but the biggest was about 5 lb.
  11. Good job, Sean !! Nice fish. In 40 years of fishing I have only ever caught 1 trout from Keuka that hit double digits. I have a good friend who has caught many more trout than I have who has never caught a 10 lb + trout there.
  12. A fishing buddy of mine (another old fart) and I would like to try to catch a muskie, since neither of us have ever caught one.. We're close to Waneta...Our rig is a 17 footer, setup for trolling, with downriggers, etc.and we have a limited number of suitable lures... Any advice on depth, trolling speeds, locations or whatever..? And YES we do plan to release any fish we should be fortunate enough to catch...
  13. It's been years since I put a boat in there, but other than being a little shallow and muddy, I don't remember any major goonies such as rocks or stumps as long as you stay in the center of the channel. To be prudent, either use your electric or trim your outboard up as high as you can and still make progress.. It's only a couple hundred yards or so to the lake.
  14. Those 50' marks were probably lakers...Reel steady ( not jigging) and fairly fast up through them and you'll get lots of hookups.. I have jigged Keuka a lot in the last few years and have had my best luck with jigging spoons equipped with trebles..I've tried the plastics and miss LOTS of strikes, although I admit I have not experimented with stingers much...I go back to a simple jigging spoon and catch fish.. My go to lure is a 1 oz. chrome diamond jig..If they don't hit that, they probably aren't hitting. I have also had good luck with Northland Buckshot spoons and 1 oz. kastmasters.. I'm sure that many other lures will work, but the diamond jig is cheap, effective, gets down quick and has put 100s of fish in the boat for me and my fishing buddies. BTW, many trout hit the jig on the drop after the snap... It can take some practice to detect the strikes... Develop a rythmn with your jigging...If anything feels different, SET THE HOOK...Often when a trout hits the lure on the drop, it will simply hesitate, or feel like you hit bottom. If you are few feet off bottom and it feels like you hit bottom, SET THE HOOK..Chances are it is a fish.
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