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  1. Where is the boat? How many hours on the engines?
  2. I am looking for someone who has a set-up for Lake Ontario fishing that no longer needs or wants it. Let me explain. I am looking for a reliable, safe, totally equipped and turnkey fishing rig in the 18-24 foot range.It should have a solid transom, mechanically sound, with an outboard and kicker, auto pilot, downriggers, planer board set up, fish hawk, graph, radio, and safety equipped to pass a Coast Guard inspection. Preferably with rods and tackle. I am a 65 year old retired educator. I have a home on Lake O in Pultneyville near Hughes Marins. I have a monthly pension and want to set up owner financing over a period of months. With the rightboat and terms, I am flexible on the price up to $20K. Fishin Geer too
  3. I couldn't help but smile. You have given your son a gift with inestimable value. Well done, dad.
  4. is the boat still available? I am now in NY and would like to look at it. My phone number is 315-904-4237.
  5. I am interested in this boat. Where are you located?
  6. I will be in the area Sunday. Any chance I could see it then?
  7. I will be in Ithaca on Sunday, can we meet to see the boat? 585-469-8704
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