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  1. Just one of those years. We really won't know if this year class is bad until they run. Is why I love the water and mother nature. Some of the few things humans can't control very well
  2. We lost 2 good fish. Got one laker and one small king. Found some fish but to late in the morning . odd the laker was 80 ft down over 200 fow lol
  3. Well good job on a king over 10 lbs! I saw those people fishing smallies in that same area. Ill be outta the same place tomorrow fishing for what little kings are around lol.
  4. For some reason I'm always optimistic out fishing. Because at any second its gonna happen! Lol
  5. Doesn't sound any different then the last few weeks but the weathers nice and I'll give it hell lol
  6. Thanks! Figured what nw winds we had might of pushed some temps around. Glad to see bait out there.... Good luck!
  7. The warmer water thing is a good point. Last week I gave up looking and just fished bait. At one point in 140 fow I was bringing a immature king to the boat and a huge king swirled at the top right next to it. I know sounds crazy for august 2 especially this year. If my buddy didn't see the same thing I did. I might not believe myself. Not sure what the temp was out of port bay. I do not have a probe. But I started in 100 ft out to 140 got all my salmon 50 ft down off the same rigger all morning.
  8. On wire on a 3 setting I always heard its pretty close to 3 ft out 1 ft down... I really don't know . but I have usually had luck on them
  9. I got very lucky. Whipped the dipsey rods twice. When I was ready to put them back out I noticed the steel line frey in a very small spot. Didn't think doing that would cause that damage.
  10. That was the 28 over. Today a few hours out. Things changed again. Not much bait but a lot less fleas but no fish in a quick 2 hour go before heading home.
  11. Thanks definatly a good one made the morning. Was nice to spend some good hours in nice weather trying to learn this area a little. The water depths drop very quick compared to mexico bay. Will be back in the morning
  12. Much better morning. Started shallow 130 flow . 3-6 all kings 2 small one was 28 lbs ... All on flashers/fly's . actually all one one. Not a ton of bait but enough marks to keep me into it. The fleas were off and on bad. Beautiful morning . hopefully back out tomorrow
  13. That was the plan for today. Similiar. Only place we read bait and something. Will give it a shot. So far the rain is just west so we are going...
  14. Well second time out. Skunked. Fished from 150 to 340 in front of fairhaven. 2 riggers 2 dipseys. Only bait I read was about 60-80 ft down over 180 ft of water. One hit on the meat rig. And one hit on a spoon . caught a foot long king I may have dragged around a mile or 2. Fishing tomorrow and maybe Monday not sure were to try. Definatly humbling..
  15. Talking about 2 different sandy creeks one is mexico bay the other just east of oak orchard lol
  16. Sounds like the cooler water moved out some from what I heard . so atkeadt I have some sort of an idea
  17. Well will be my 2 nd trip . heading up this afternoon. Well first trip was only a few hours before the west winds and before that t-storms did us in. I don't have bottom temp so we cruised out to about 230 ft. 2 riggers 2 dipseys flashers fly's. But never read bait or fish until commin in at 70 ft. Then bait and Brown's were stacked. I'll send a report I'm and hopefully read something in the depths to give me something to fish for!
  18. Hey Rich! Well I don't have the camper there but I still go there when the fishing is good. I'll be up to port bay tomorrow til Sunday or Monday but if I'm blown off or bored my hit the river. But when they are starting over there I'll be there buddy.
  19. Hey guys. I'm Joe from tiogacounty pa. Been fishing up there since I've been a little guy. Mostly trib fishing oak to the salmon river. Past few years I have been getting hooked on trolling thanks to some good friends up there and learning a little at a time. Small 20 ft boat. Only run 4-5 rods max. 2 riggers 2 dipseys and whatever else I feel like messing with. No bottom temp. Manuel riggers. Old sonar and a GPS. So its kinda tuff at times but we have gotten lucky once in a while . We have only fished out of mexico bay the last few years last week was our first time at port bay. Buddy has a camper. Kinda lost out there but haven't got a lot of time on the water yet. But I'll be up again this weekend and many more this season. Wind permitting.
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