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  1. I was hoping to be out of port bay today. The forcast convinced me to stay home and save the $ for next week. Love the reports. Good luck.
  2. Finally got the boat up launched in the bay by 7. Engine troubles by 7:05 lol. Took the boat back to camp. Changed plugs, fuel filter, everything I could. Needless to say tried again at 3:30. Started in 50 fow. Lead core 2 riggers and a dipsey. 3 spoons and a spinny/fly on the diver. I don't have down temp but the surface was anywhere from 58 to 63. Worked out to 115. In 105 rigger down 50 went. On a stinger purple mag. Flipped out caught up in 2 lines. Chaos lol. 14 lb spunky king. Stayed in the 80-100 area lost a king that screamed bout 50 ft off the diver with a chrome/frog spinny and fly. One other hit on the rigger down 30 with a nbk mag. Felt like a laker or a sea anchor lol. Spit the hook quick. Back in by 6 my buddy was to hungry for dinner. I wanted to stay til dark. Oh well got lucky. Boat is working and at the campground. Back up next week Cool site did see a big steelie about 15 yards from the boat chaseing bait.
  3. The fleas love to clump up where the wire and dipsey meet.
  4. Last year I tried a few smaller lakers , 5lbs or so. I ate them that afternoon over the campfire. Olive oil garlic old bay and onion. To be honest I thought it was pretty good.
  5. Not good. Hope you figure out what's going on with your boat.. good luck. Thinking the marks within 100 ft were browns?
  6. True. I've had some big ones come in like a sea anchor. Then I had some that atleast did some head shaking lol. Beautiful fish though
  7. Amazing to me that some people regard them and browns as trash fish. We are lucky to have diversity. If they were rare they would be more popukar lol.
  8. We have a 19 ft tracker been running that off and on for 5 or so years. Most of the time I run 2 riggers 2 dipseys. Slding cheater on one rigger. Dipseys I use flashers/flys riggers I switch up. At times I putleadcore down the chute. This year ill put 300 copper there. Or instead of one of the dipseys ill put the copper out on a planer. Just started getting fish on spoons last season because I finally devoted time to the. Flasher fly combos keep changing for me. Thus the pile I've accumulated lol
  9. I'm still deciding on whether to start using a stacker with another rod or just sliders or fixed cheater. Seems most od the guys I know do just as well on the free sliders. Simple enough
  10. I was just west. Lots of marks and bait from 60-85 fow. Saw one boat heading that way working the same water. One brown 3 dropped fish today. Slow slow
  11. Well made it out on the boat started in 50-130 most marks were 60-85 fow. Then again in 125. One brown. 2 big hits on the riggers I'm sure were kings . just couldn't get much action for all the marks. Lots of bait around too.
  12. Thanks! Looks like decent weather to get on the lake so gonna try to get the boat out!
  13. Well I'm heading up now with any luck one more day on the boat tomorrow. Commin out of port bay. If I do get out I was thinking starting out shallow maybe 30 ft and just seeing what happens out to about 100. Doesn't seem like anyone has gotten out lately. I'll run 2 jplugs 2 flasher/fly maybe a lead core out too. Thoughts? If I can't get out is sodus pier or port bay inlet worth chucking some spoons?
  14. Hmmm I may get up one more shot outta port bay... Is odd should still be fish around for sure
  15. I'll be back up near sodus probably Monday for a few days. Lots of salmon still eating late year as it is. More to come for the next week or two
  16. I was just on the beach at port bay . sunset was nice the lake is Ricking with 3-5 footers
  17. I ate 3 kings this weekend. Me and my buddy. Campfire lemon old bay olive oil and 3-4 lb king.... Yum!
  18. 4-5 tonight steelie 3 kings list a crazy coho 160-190 all fish from 60-90 ft down. Mostly a dipseys bite which rocks. Is why I go out some days the fish make ya feel like ya know what your doing.
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