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  1. Thanks HB, gonna c about a set of riggers too. Seems as that is about the best bet for easy depth.
  2. My heads spinning already...thanks guys.
  3. how much line out to get to say 65', they have magnum divers I think. Thanks fellas
  4. Just getting into salmon fishin from own boat. How can a person get to the needed depth for kings without riggers. Open to all as this is a learning to me. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Found me a 21' wellcraft sportsman. Now, gotta load her up with goodies !!
  6. I suppose 3-5000 lbs if on a double axle trailer. Dont wanna go over a 22-23 ft.
  7. Well appreciated but looking for a trailerable boat, thanks..
  8. Looking for a boat, preferably 19-22 ft, trailerable and an outboard also. Have roughly 12,000 to work with. Would like fully set up to fish now. Need a boat big enough to handle salmon season also.. Please send PM's my way. dont wanna bust this thread too fast. Thanks all, Mike
  9. Any day a wife wants her fella to buy a bigger boat is a keeper in my book, enjoy the new boat !!!
  10. Thanks fella's. I would have had a bigtime mess setting up. Always better to ask..
  11. Anyone have a good source for a fella to see how big boards are set up and run. I use small offshores and want to learn big boards too .Tried utube and all they want to show is catching fish, no tutorial.. all pics , go figure.. Thanks all, Mike
  12. With wire line being cut, does this affect your calibration or do you need not worry about true calibration with wire line. New to the wire game and need to know what type wire line would work in walleye country as well as big lake salmon, also, where is a good online source to get it ? Thanks, Mike
  13. Very nice, love seeing those fish do what they do best, again, Thanks, Mike
  14. Hello from Ohio. Been fishing Lake Ontario yearly now for awhile and this years trip was cancelled. a week before knee surgery, my only vacation time this year. Getting better now. Sure hate that , but that's the breaks. Might be looking to be a boat hooker in a few weeks if the big boys get goin. Anyhow, a fellow OGF member in Ohio turned me on to this site and believe me, I'll be watchin, again, hello everyone, Mike
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